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Case Mod - In Progress Project Serina

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by ShadowHunter, 8 Jan 2010.

  1. ShadowHunter

    ShadowHunter Lingrush!

    11 Dec 2009
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    Since I failed to get NanoTek completed, I've learned not to bite off more than I can chew. So this isn't an entirely new build, more adding liquid (and coolness) to a rig I built around the summer of 09.

    Current specs:
    mobo: Asus M3A78-EM
    cpu: AMD Phenom 9600 BE
    psu: Seventeam 850W
    ram: 1x2 GB Kingston HyperX DDR2
    ODD: LG Blu-Ray drive
    HDD: 80GB Seagate
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX275 SoC
    case: Chieftec Vesa Bravo

    planned wc gear:
    Heatkiller 3.0 AM3 or EK Supreme HF (probably the EK)
    EK FC275
    Laing DDC
    EK multioption res
    BP fittings (lots of em)
    HWLabs Stealth
    one, maybe two rads: Aquacomputer Airplex Revo 420/360, and MO-RA

    the case:

    really cool stuff. think of it as a thinner, L-shaped tower, with a monitor mount. it can physically fit a full ATX mobo, but then there's no easy way to manage wires (i have a mATX mobo in there now, and I do not plan to go ATX). the whole "back" side is easily removed by taking off two thumb screws. the psu rests on the bottom of the case, and there are three internal 3.5" slots: two on the wall right under the fan grill (you can see the four screws holding the rack in place), one under the ODD slot. only ODD's can be used in the 5.25 bay, however.


    there's some good stuff in store for you guys ;)

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