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LOL Publisher's Clearing House

Discussion in 'General' started by DarkLord7854, 18 Jul 2010.

  1. DarkLord7854

    DarkLord7854 New Member

    22 Jun 2005
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    Gf got this email the other day and got somewhat excited because she does use Publisher's Clearing House. There's a small chance she could have actually won, but the emails she's gotten (which went to her inbox btw, not spam on gmail) don't seem.. legit.

    See below:

    She replied to the email address quoted above asking for details, and it naturally got bounced back. They then sent another email:

    I found it interesting that for once they didn't ask for money nor any banking information..

    EMail headers show the first email came from notificaions@pchs.com.us and the second came from reach.pchs@w.cn

    I'm tempted to reply back and screw with them.. :hehe:
  2. Mr Mario

    Mr Mario New Member

    4 Oct 2008
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    Contact Publishers Clearing house, and see if they are running such a competition at the moment, if they are not then mess with them a little :D

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