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Windows question about DEP in WINXP SP2...

Discussion in 'Software' started by zhenboy, 31 Mar 2004.

  1. zhenboy

    zhenboy What's a Dremel?

    23 Dec 2003
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    I have installed SP2 beta1, beta2, and now RC1...
    Just found the new DEP thingy is really interesting...
    DEP=Date Execution Prevention
    I dunno why I cant switch it on...it seems that my CPU or maybe other hardware doesnt support it....
    (Im currently using a northwood P4 2.0, 1G DDR 300, ATA133 HD)...anything wrong with this?
    I was just guessing maybe the DEP settings in SP2 RC1 is just there but cant be switched on...probably it will only fully work when the SP2 final version comes out...
    so any of u guys whos using SP2 switched the DEP on??

    @@@@ ' WHAT IS DEP?' @@@@
    Understanding Data Execution PreventionData Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) that helps protect your computer against damage from viruses and other security threats. These types of threats attempt to run from protected memory locations that only Windows and your programs should use.

    Unlike a firewall or antivirus program, DEP does not help prevent harmful programs from being installed on your computer. Instead, DEP is designed to reduce attacks by preventing viruses and other security threats from running (also referred to as executing) harmful code from certain memory locations.

    How does it work?

    DEP works with compatible microprocessors to mark some common memory locations as "non-executable." If an unauthorized program (such as a worm or virus) tries to run from a non-executable location, Windows closes the program. You're notified as soon as the problem occurs. By default, DEP is turned on for all programs on your computer.

    What can I do if a problem occurs?

    You can see if Microsoft already has an update available to help prevent the problem from happening again. It's a good idea to get updates routinely because they help protect your computer and help improve its performance.

    You have three options for getting updates:

    Report the problem when Windows notifies you. In some cases, an update will already be available and can be sent to you immediately. By reporting the problem, you also help Microsoft decide how to make Windows more secure.
    Use Automatic Updates. To automatically get the latest security updates, including critical updates and service packs, delivered to your computer, turn on Automatic Updates.
    Routinely visit the Windows Update Web site. The Windows Update Web site(http://www.microsoft.com/) can help you determine which updates your computer needs. It also provides all recommended Windows updates for your computer.
    When a problem occurs and Windows notifies you, you can change your DEP settings by clicking the Advanced button in the Data Execution Prevention dialog box. To help prevent damage from viruses and other security threats, we strongly recommended that you leave DEP turned on for all programs. You must be logged on as an administrator to change your settings.

    Is it safe to run a program that's been closed?

    Yes, if you leave DEP turned on for all programs. Every time Windows detects a data execution problem, it will close the program. To help protect your computer and keep your programs running more smoothly, use Automatic Updates to get the latest security updates delivered to your computer, or routinely get updates from the Windows Update Web site(http://www.microsoft.com/).

    Why isn't DEP available on my computer?

    To use this security feature, your computer must be running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later, or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later. Your processor must also be compatible with Data Execution Prevention (or "execution protection") technology.

    To check if DEP is compatible with your computer's microprocessor:

    To open System Properties, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
    Click the Advanced tab. Then, under Performance, click Settings.
    Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.
    Make sure that the DEP settings are available.
    If your microprocessor is not compatible, the DEP settings will not be available, and at the bottom of the dialog box you will see a message indicating that your microprocessor does not support Data Execution Prevention.

    If this message does not appear and the DEP settings are not available, you are not logged on as an administrator for your computer. Only members of the Administrators group can manage DEP settings.


    To prevent damage from viruses and other security threats, it is strongly recommended that you leave DEP turned on for all programs.
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  2. l'edo

    l'edo What's a Dremel?

    10 Apr 2004
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    hi folks..

    well.. I think DEP must be a great programm after I read all that..

    But my hostfamily has a hp computer with windows xp on it..
    and the service pack2 and DEP..

    ok.. but DEP closes the programm "explorer" as soon as I start the inet explorer, open folders like "my files", "my computer" or any other folder..

    ok, let's check the settings..
    start> controll panel..
    oh.. DEP:
    "To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this programm: Windows Explorer"

    I'm using opera etc now.. but it sucks if you can't even copy pictures from your camera to the computer without a special progrom so you don't need the explorer... I hope you understand my problem...

    How do I turn the DEP off or tell him not to close the explorer? or how do I deinstall DEP?

    the only thing I can use us the desktop and the startmenue..
    ok, I can use "save as" windows to drag n drop files from folders on my desktop and copy them back from there...
  3. Froggy

    Froggy What's a Dremel?

    10 Jun 2003
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    Only the newest processors can do the DEP. In the P4, its called NX bit.
  4. l'edo

    l'edo What's a Dremel?

    10 Apr 2004
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    yeah.. i heard that, too...

    But I do not care would processor is in here.. I jsut now that DEP keeps shutting down my explorer as soon as I open a browser..
  5. Kermet

    Kermet [custom title]

    18 Feb 2003
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    Only new processors support hardware DEP but everybody can use software DEP.

    It really shouldn't be acting the way it does, you system must be screwed. Anyway, usually if a program causes problems with DEP when it shouldn't you can just disable DEP for that program in system performance settings but since you can't run anything you can try disabling DEP totally by editing boot.ini: Change the '/noexecute=optin' bit (this is the default setting) to '/noexecute=alwaysoff'.

    For more information got to Microsoft Support .
  6. l'edo

    l'edo What's a Dremel?

    10 Apr 2004
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    hm.. so where do I find the boot.ini? in what folder?

    ..or better the whole adress
    Last edited: 27 Oct 2004

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