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Windows Question for server 2k3 people

Discussion in 'Software' started by krimson, 5 Jun 2007.

  1. krimson

    krimson What's a Dremel?

    16 Nov 2006
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    ok, so im trying to set up a group policy on an OU for a wireless setting.
    i get to the point to where i can throw a preferred network and all that on the list of laptops, but when i pick the WPA-PSK, and TKIP settings in the editor, i have no way of giving it the password...
    is there any way of having it automatically put in, because i would really rather not have to go to 100 laptops with my wireless setup wizard on a usb stick, and i dont want to have to punch in a password 100 times, and i dont want to give the password out to anyone that should not have it (e.g. the students)

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