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R.I.P. KidMod-Southpaw

Discussion in 'Serious' started by GeorgeK, 13 Sep 2014.

  1. lp1988

    lp1988 Minimodder

    24 Jun 2008
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    Returning after a long time without BT this saddens me.

    KidMod was a respected member of the forums and while I have only had a few discussions with him I have had nothing but respect for him.

    May he live long in our memories.
  2. lilgoth89

    lilgoth89 Captin Calliope

    12 Mar 2011
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    after having a difficult time of late and making an attempt on my own life recently i can honestly say im bowled over by this news

    Kidmod always seemed pretty upbeat in his posts and the few times i spoke to him he seemed like quite a wise head on young shoulders

    may you find the peace in death that you may never knew in life

    RIP little fella
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  3. Porkins' Wingman

    Porkins' Wingman Can't touch this

    23 Feb 2008
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    Is this something you'd like to talk about? I've not noticed you refer to this elsewhere before.
  4. Darkwisdom

    Darkwisdom Level 99 Retro Nerd

    27 Aug 2011
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    That's precisely the point. A lot of people suffer in silence, just like Alessandro seemed to. I've had my own problems so I know it can be very difficult to tell someone when you need it.

    I have experience as a youth worker and in the single year I did the job, I saw perhaps dozens of kids with such problems walk in the door. A high percentage of these kids asked for our help and got the help they needed.

    As hard as it is to ask for help, it's much harder to end your life. That's something people wrongly assume is that it's easy to do, it really isn't. The person must be feeling extreme mental or physical anguish to do it. People contemplate and even attempt, but it is extremely difficult. It isn't simple, and it isn't peaceful. You should ask for help before you even contemplate it.
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  5. Seb.F

    Seb.F Minimodder

    17 Nov 2011
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    This is horrible, someone else I knew from the Dogecoin community took their life on the 6th of this month as well. The charity chosen was bizarrely the same as here; Mind.

    Can't contemplate it. Best thoughts to the family.
  6. noizdaemon666

    noizdaemon666 I'm Od, Therefore I Pwn

    15 Jun 2010
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    Having had fun times with KidMod (and others) in the Hate thread and the other spam threads, it was a massive shock when I read this. Initially I thought it was a general thread which had jokingly gone astray. Alas, it was not.

    R.I.S (Rest In Spam) KidMod
  7. EvilMerc

    EvilMerc Minimodder

    1 Feb 2010
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    Truly not what I expected to come across this evening, such a huge shame. For someone who always seemed so positive it hits home how easy it is to be fooled by a happy façade despite their inner turmoil.

    Rest in peace, KidMod.
  8. Bungletron

    Bungletron Minimodder

    25 May 2010
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    Not sure how this thread passed me by, it is fair to say that I am somewhat overcome and shocked by this tragic news. I send my heartfelt condolences to the Kid's family, I feel that despite the very crude and anonymous nature of communicating through this forum he was obviously a person who stood out as a young man of real character and clearly displayed the boundless potential of youth.

    My resurgence on this forum after some time of lurking was as a direct cause of the Kid, he showed me that out of a position of initial suspicion one can come to know a lot about the character of a person by how they conduct themselves here. We contacted each other directly over what appeared a trivial transaction at the time, but a matter which is affecting me greatly now.

    I have in my possession a rather beautiful mechanical watch which I purchased from Kid here about a month ago, in fact the first mechanical watch I have ever purchased. I had been lurking and I had come across another sale thread of items, in no way distinct from all the other sale threads here, and I really had no real intention of buying a mechanical watch until I saw his thread. I had never come across the Kid before, and my suspicious nature led me to investigate any new forum seller as usual, through his posts on the forum I could see that he was knowledgeable and active member of the forum. Despite his young age he was eloquent and his energy and enthusiasm are what really shone through in his posts, my guarded nature wanted to dislike him but it was actually impossible to find fault with the man, I thoroughly enjoyed reading his insightful and engaging posts. So I made an offer.

    We communicated very cordially and when I think back now I probably become enthused with the excitement of owning a mechanical watch as a result of the enthusiasm he himself openly displayed. When I received it I wondered why he would want to sell such a fine item, and I remember he mentioned that he would miss it, but he hoped I would enjoy the watch, which I have for the past month. It saddens me greatly to reflect now on his sentiments and perhaps a dark ulterior motive for shedding this item.

    It is now very difficult for me to reconcile the enthusiasm and energy he had for this watch; it was a genuine and keen interest coupled with his willingness to share his enthusiasm or perhaps it is hard to let go of the materiel things that remind us of who we are, I think it was maybe both.

    I would like to offer to return the watch to his family, particularly as it may have had some sentimental value to him or those those close to him, a watch is highly personal thing and different from a lot of the other things that are bought and sold here without much thought. As the others have said at no stage did he show here anything but inspirational positivity, I hope his spirit will go on to inspire me and others who read his words here.

    RIP Kid
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  9. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    Rest in peace, buddy. Your presence and wit will be missed.
  10. Mosquito

    Mosquito Minimodder

    24 Mar 2011
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    Truly a huge loss to this forum, and to anyone who's had the pleasure to know him outside it. He was one of my favorite modders to watch, and interact with here at Bit. RIP KidMod.
  11. mnpctech

    mnpctech bit-tech sponsor

    21 Apr 2003
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    Sad to hear this. He was a really nice guy, and soo creative!

    R.I.P. KidMod-Southpaw
  12. pilsner72

    pilsner72 Minimodder

    2 May 2011
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    Don't know I have missed this, this is sad R.I.P
  13. montymole

    montymole Rigid Tubist

    24 May 2010
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    That really is sad R.I.P
  14. crazyg1zm0

    crazyg1zm0 Minimodder

    20 Feb 2007
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    This is sad, R.I.P

    Its always sad when someone you know, even if just on a forum goes, I very rarely look in the serious forum and I did not expect to see this thread when I did today.
  15. Unicorn

    Unicorn Uniform November India

    25 Jul 2006
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    I have also missed this thread having been on and off the forums very briefly for the past couple of weeks. I haven't read the whole thread, just the first few posts.

    I am completely shocked and greatly saddened to hear this terrible news. My deepest condolences go to Alessandro's family and friends. It is beyond imagining what they have gone through and are dealing with at the moment. Whilst the vast majority of us are only casual acquaintances on the forum, it is heart wrenching to find out that one of our members, especially one as young as Alessandro, was struggling with mental health to the point of taking his own life. I hadn't seen activity from him in any of the usual threads in a few days, as well as a few other members, and was about to write a post in General asking if a few people were all right. I had no idea something like this would be the reason. Rest in peace, KidMod, you will be in my prayers.
  16. gavbon

    gavbon Extreme Overclocker/PC Anarchist

    6 Feb 2013
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    Missed this thread due to "reasons beyond my control"

    Read this and I genuinely felt shocked. I know what depression is like and feeling low to the point of suicidal tendencies but no-one deserves an end like this. I know a lot of people associate suicide with cowardness but those who do it feel there is no other option at the time and it requires more guts than most will have in a lifetime. I hope Southpaws soul is at peace now and I wish the family all the best; what I mean is I send my condolences to the family.

    To everyone who knew him personally, in passing and even met him, I believe he touched everyone and although I didn't know him on a personal level, he and no-one deserves to feel the need to "end it".

    R.I.P Kidmod, R.I.P man!
  17. bigc90210

    bigc90210 Teh C

    7 Oct 2003
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    absolutely stunned at this, so saddening :( he always seemed a nice chap too. RIP, a loss to the community and such a terrible shame and waste of life
  18. Votick

    Votick My CPU's hot but my core runs cold.

    21 May 2009
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    Very sad to hear this. Rest in peace buddy.
  19. Teelzebub

    Teelzebub Up yours GOD,Whats best served cold

    27 Nov 2009
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    Sad loss to all :( would like to post this here for the sentiment

    R.I.P Alessandro

    Feel free to remove if the mods think it's inappropriate
  20. Ljs

    Ljs Modder

    4 Sep 2009
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    Just seen this.

    There isn't anything I can say that hasn't been said already so...


    Such a shame. :(

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