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Hardware Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by arcticstoat, 16 Jul 2011.

  1. leslie

    leslie Just me!

    19 May 2009
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    Sorry, Bit-Tech, but you really failed on this review.
    You started with a dislike, then tore it down from there without ever really explaining why or what the keyboard really was meant for. It wasn't a review, it was an assassination. The reviewer seemed to have their mind made up before they even opened the box and was just looking for ways to tear it down. The Geekhack review was pretty much spot on.

    I'm not saying the keyboard is perfect. I HATE the blue illumination, it's hard on my eyes (I may swap the LEDS, for now I leave them off) and I hate the font. The key texture is irrelevant, the reviewer made way more over it than should have been made, I never even noticed it.

    It's a mechanical keyboard with gaming features and backlights, of course it's not cheap, but go price an old IBM Model M or other mechanical, or better yet, some of the crappy "gaming" keyboards out there. $130 for a solid mechanical with these features really isn't that bad. The Expert model is actually quite a deal and there are rubber grommets you can get that will quiet the keys (just ordered some). Had I not gotten lucky and got an open box Ultimate for Expert price, I would have just got an Expert.

    One thing Razer flubbed was the pass through.
    The right side is a bad place, I agree, but it's a perfect spot for a Logitech Unified Receiver. You won't get much closer to your mouse. Overall though, it's a great keyboard.
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  2. the_kille4

    the_kille4 Chaos will rule da world.eventually

    28 Aug 2009
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    If people really wanted multi-color back lighting Razer could have asked Cherry to implement tri-color leds (somehow). But unlike membrane based keyboards that only utilise only a couple of leds and let it spread out over a large area. However, due to the construction of the switches they can only allow one led per key. Now there are approx 100 switches that need leds, and if all of these were tri-color the wiring would be so complex, it would be a nightmare for the Razer guys to make the keyboard affordable.
  3. Wwhat

    Wwhat Minimodder

    2 Oct 2005
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    I am getting a bit tired of the 'color' black for keyboards.
  4. Pot Of Jam

    Pot Of Jam What's a Dremel?

    6 Sep 2010
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    I Agree with alot of what was said in this review, but as a touch typist I dont care what the keys look like, I think they were just looking for things to hate by that point, but the keyboard is a good board.

    Only a few keyboards allow you to turn lights on and off of individual keys, these are tenkeyless models at a cost of £70 - £130 and are made by Ducky.

    considering the Logitech version of a mechanical keyboard cost a stagering £150 and most other gaming keyboards (that are illuminated) cost around the same or more I think the blackwiddow is no more or less then the others in the market (Qpad is £130 and has the same features as the BW).

    As for key clickyness, now this is a personal opinion, if the reviewer doesnt like it then it shouldnt reflect on the overall conclusion of the review. I personaly love the clickyness of the board, so I KNOW when a key has been struck during game play with a headset on, if other people don't like it then I'm afraid thats not an issue with the keyboard.

    To those that think that £100 is exspensive for a keybord then you are right, but, compairing a membrain keyboard to a mechanical keyboard is like compairing chalk and cheese, there compleatly different feeling and response, I personaly use both and at home I will never go back from a mechanical keyboard.

    Would I buy another razor one... well thats not certain at the moment.
  5. Shirty

    Shirty W*nker! Super Moderator

    18 Apr 1982
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    The biggest issue I had with the BlackWidow, which I didn't realise until I had replaced it with something more robust, is the flimsy build quality. It just isn't built to a standard you'd expect a £120 product to be made to. The keycaps wobble, have moulding marks on them and there have been numerous reports of faults with the backlighting, keycaps colliding with one another and software issues.

    The other big issue I had with mine - admittedly the non-backlit version - was that the lettering in the WASD cluster started to discolour after only a few months of light usage, indicating that there is no protective coating on the caps.

    I'd also question whether Cherry MX blue switches were ever the right idea for an ostensibly gaming keyboard, but I agree with you that it's entirely subjective, as are the looks of the board and the font.

    I would argue that if you moved from the BlackWidow to a Ducky (or any other leading mechanical keyboard if backlighting isn't important) you would never choose go back to the Razer. It's not a bad product, but it's quite far down the food chain in the £120 range and bafflingly not available with linear switches..
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