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News Razer shows Battlefield 3 peripherals

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Lizard, 19 Aug 2011.

  1. Sloth

    Sloth #yolo #swag

    29 Nov 2006
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    They also made a set of StarCraft 2 gear and SW:TOR gear, all three sets featured uniquely designed keyboards and mice (and more) meant to either provide performance features tailored to each game, or at least stylistically respresent the game in a more meaningful way than a sticker on an existing product. It's still all branded gear meant to sell products simply by recognition of the licensed product it's themed after, but at least a buyer recieves an item which can't be purchased in an unbranded form. There might be some who actually want, say, the SC2 "Spectre" mouse for the shape and features of it regardless of or in addition to the SC2 branding.

    Other manufacturers such as SteelSeries also produce a variety of branded gear ranging from midly modified versions of unbranded mice such as their "Diablo III Mouse" to more custom mice such as their "WoW Mouse" which has software to aid in WoW keybinding. They also have their Shift and Zboard series' of keyboards which are effectively identical keyboards with different stickers.

    The worst part is that this all plays off of what is, deep in our hearts, the modder spirit. People love seeing a custom case, mouse or keyboard mod showing off one's favorite game or manufacturer and, most of all, people love being unique. These products offer that at a mere $10 fee, the market will never go away so we'll just keep seeing these products.
  2. David164v8

    David164v8 Member

    29 Aug 2011
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    Ugh. I hate things like this. They stuck a sticker on a mouse. Don't see why you would pay more.
  3. sotu1

    sotu1 Ex-Modder

    24 Aug 2007
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    Sad to ask...but where can i get one...
  4. ariethavans

    ariethavans New Member

    13 Sep 2011
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    They buy it for collection I guess.
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