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Motors Recommend me a famvan

Discussion in 'General' started by Gareth Halfacree, 15 Jan 2018.

  1. RedFlames

    RedFlames ...is not a Belgian football team

    23 Apr 2009
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    I have a provisional for ID purposes... i have no real intention of learning to drive because:

    a: I wouldn't trust me behind the wheel of a car
    b: public transport exists, and where i am at least it usually works ['metro apologises' nonwithstanding]
    c: related to b: a year's travel pass costs ~£1100... I'd pay more than that just to insure a car, never mind the other costs [would probably end up paying more than £1100 in parking costs].
    d: trust me, you don;t want me behind the wheel of a car.
  2. bawjaws

    bawjaws Well-Known Member

    5 Dec 2010
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    But you already own a car? :D

    I get your reasons for not being bothered about driving: I didn't learn to drive until I was in my mid-thirties, and I only did it because we finally decided that with a kid on the way we could actually make decent use of a car. It is super handy being able to drive, especially on those occasions where I need to transport the kids somewhere and my wife isn't available but the car is - why pay for a taxi in that situation when you have a car sitting there ready to be driven?
  3. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    This is true, but for the times I go somewhere without the rest of the family a taxi costs way less than even using the car I already own - especially when you factor in the cost of insuring a new driver along with the fact I'd then leave the family with no means of transportation until I'm back (meaning they'd have to get a taxi if I didn't...)
    'Cos a taxi to somewhere I'm likely to go is sub-£5; insurance on a Group 14 vehicle for a new driver with no no-claims would be around £800...

    There's a bigger reason, though: as above, I hate both cars and driving. I'd pay ten times the cost of the taxi if only so I didn't have to drive myself!

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot - turns out the car doesn't have sat-nav, just the manual for the sat-nav ICE while having the non-sat-nav-ICE fitted. That's a little bit annoying, but cushioned by the fact that Android Auto is pretty damn awesome: stick the USB cable in, pop the phone in the centre console, and you have full messaging, call, and Google Maps facility right there on the in-car touch-screen complete with "OK, Google" voice activation phrase and speech recognition. It's even multi-touch: it was quite happy to let me pinch-to-zoom around the map when I tried.
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  4. Krikkit

    Krikkit All glory to the hypnotoad! Super Moderator

    21 Jan 2003
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    Yes, but newer turbos (made within the last 10-15 years) tend to be water cooled as well. The bearings will still be oil lubricated of course.

    Beyond about 2007-ish most cars moved to electric (rather than mechanical) water pumps which meant that the ECU could cool the turbo even if you switched off if it was too hot - extending both oil and turbo life (which doesn't really take kindly to boiling its own oil in its bearings). As a bonus it also increased economy.
  5. yuusou

    yuusou Well-Known Member

    5 Nov 2006
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    Just watch Initial D. You’ll want a licence and a sporty car in no time.
  6. jinq-sea

    jinq-sea 'write that down in your copy book' Super Moderator

    15 Oct 2012
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    Or come round to mine and play it! :lol:

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