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Peripherals Recommendations for a NiMH battery charger (with good end-of-charge detection)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jewelie, 22 Jan 2017.

  1. jewelie

    jewelie Ancient geek, newbie to BT

    3 Jun 2015
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    Getting really peeved with my current battery charger's end-of-charge detection (an IQ-328); it's wrecked (through overcharging) a few too many batteries, including the nice AAs I use for my Gamepads and especially the AAA ones I use for my wireless mice! :wallbash:

    Looking for-
    • Intelligent auto-cut-off / individual cell use
    • Display for voltage, current, capacity
    • Good NiMH end-of-charge detection (preferably not just -dV/dt but also temperature and perhaps timer as a backup)
    • NiMH Discharge mode
    • NiMH Refresh mode
    • Revive deep-discharged cells (at the moment I have to do this in a very hacky way with the IQ-328)
    • For NiMH AA & AAA cells a must (9V a plus)
    • Speed is not as essential as not buggering up the batteries!

    Looking at the reviews, the XTAR and Nitecore ones for which I've seen reviews seem to be non-optimal for NiMH due to less than stellar end-of-charge detection.



    PS The Opus BT-C3100 seems to be better reviewed for end of charge detection?
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