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Networks redemption period?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ido, 4 Aug 2003.

  1. ido

    ido What's a Dremel?

    12 Sep 2001
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    I don't know if this belongs in this section, so feel free to move it if necessary.
    A couple years back I purchased a domain name with dotster, and kind of left it sitting there. I bought it for two years. Since then, I've moved and had to change ISPs and email addresses. I've also forgotten the login info for dotster. Obviously, the "forgot your password" doesn't work because it would send it to a dead email address.
    Now, I would like to repurchase the domain, but with another registrar that's cheaper. So, I did the whois lookup, and it tells me that the domain is in its redemption period (the domain expired on June 5th). I'm guessing this lasts about a month?
    What is the best way to do this? I don't want to repurchase with dotster because I've heard of redemption fees being upwards of 200 dollars.
    The registrar I would like to use has a backorder option. Am I guaranteed to get the name if I use this?

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