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Displays Replacement for Dell U2711

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Aterius Gmork, 14 Dec 2016.

  1. Aterius Gmork

    Aterius Gmork smell the ashes

    25 Sep 2007
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    Dear fellow bit-techers,

    my current main display, a Dell U2711, seems to be dying. Please help me find a new one that is - well, similar to the old one.

    The screen should be at least 27", 32" would be preferred I think. I had a look at some ultra-wide displays at the store last weekend, and I did not like them. Even the massive 34” screen looked smaller height wise. They had a 38” display from LG on display but that one was very expensive and there was visible backlight bleeding. A curved screen is not necessary nor wanted but something I could probably live with.

    The resolution should not be smaller than the current screen, so 1440p at least.

    I never want a TN-panel again, ever. IPS or PVA please. Main use will be gaming and some graphical work, nothing professional. – Still I really like the pre-calibrated, natural colours the U2711 has.

    Input lag, G-Sync, more than 60 FPS is not important. My current screen has massive input lag of at least 32ms and it never bothered me. Now that I had a stroke multiplayer FPS games are out of the question anyway. Since it does make a difference though: My last cards have been from Nvidia, currently I have a GTX 1070. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice, my favorite game runs much worse on AMD cards.

    The screen really needs to have a DisplayPort port though. The cable is routed through a wall.

    Any recommendations?

    Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Pete J

    Pete J Employed scum

    28 Sep 2009
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    I've recently acquired a Dell UP3017 (awesome story behind it - got it half price as an RMA). All I'll say is: GOOD. GOD.

    Factory colour calibration is fantastic - when I used my Spyder4Pro, the updated colours barely changed. Not only that, you can go full hardware calibration if you get an X-Rite i1Display Pro - mine's currently awaiting delivery.

    I appreciate that the monitor is expensive, but I have NEVER seen anything look this good. Dell customer support is amazing too, so any problems in the next three years and you'll get a straight replacement in 1-3 days.

    It also has a gamer mode which reduces lag - though even on its current settings, I've not noticed any lag problems.
  3. Mr_Mistoffelees

    Mr_Mistoffelees The Rotary Cat.

    26 Aug 2014
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    I've had an AOC Q3277PQU (2560x1440) since June and am very happy with it. It's a VA panel so contrast ratio is high, viewing angles are good, response time is OK and input lag is not noticeable to me when playing RPG/MMORPG games. Stand is height adjustable.


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