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Music Replacement headphones for use with a mobile

Discussion in 'General' started by Boardoombob, 28 Nov 2012.

  1. Boardoombob

    Boardoombob New Member

    11 Aug 2011
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    Can anyone recommend a good replacement set of headphones that are compatible with an Android phone?

    Ideally, I'm after a decent pair of in-ear headphones with an in-line mic, up to £50 which can withstand some abuse.
    I'd normally go for something like the Sennheiser MM50's, but having read the reviews I think I'll break them sooner than later (I've gone through a pair of CX300's in about 2-3 months and from what I've seen these have the same durability).

    I have read this thread posted previously on headphones and the SoundMagic PL30's looked good, but didn't have a mic.

    What else can you recommend?
  2. frizzeh

    frizzeh New Member

    5 Jul 2008
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    I have a pair of Sennheiser MM30i that I've had for about a year now and they have lasted me well after being flung in my handbag and my 2 year old niece swinging on them.

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