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[Review] Phobya HeGrease & TIM Cleaner [RAGEFACEREVIEWS]

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by RAGEFACEREVIEWS, 20 Mar 2012.


    RAGEFACEREVIEWS What's a Dremel?

    20 Mar 2012
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    Phobya HeGrease Extreme​


    One thing most hardware enthusiasts will know is that a high quality CPU paste is essential. If you are in the area of benching, overclocking, encoding or hardcore gaming ( to name but a few activities where your processor is going to get rather toasty) a top notch thermal compound is a must. Then again it is also an area which can be easily overlooked by those new to the game. But when your benching your s**t hot 5ghz i7, having a couple of degrees knocked off your load temps can be pretty important.

    Today I’ll be swiftly reviewing the phobya hegrease along with their CPU and GPU cleaning kit. I’ll be pitting the phobya against some bog standard thermal pastes from Antec and Coolermaster, and then the big hitter, and arguably the most popular CPU paste in the market, Artic Silver 5 (AS5).

    The Rig:-
    CPU:- i7 920 @ 4ghz
    Cooler:- Thermalright ultra 120 (1500 rpm fan)
    Mobo:- msi x58 pro-e

    The rest is pretty much irrelevant!

    So let’s crack on with it before you keel over and convulse in boredom …

    To keep it quick and simple I’ve compiled all the results into a table showing the load and idle temps of each paste so we can see a clear comparison between the four.


    Note: I used Prime95 to load the CPU and an average from CoreTemp and Realtemp across all cores.**

    As you can see with the idle temps there is very little difference between the four pastes, it’s when we look at the load temps that we can really see the gulf between the cheaper and more quality compounds (Arguably the load temp is the only one we should really be interested in anyway.)

    The Coolermaster and Antec pastes kept my 920 at 84°C and 80°C respectively while at load, opposed to the Phoybya and AS5 which posted similar temps of 76°C, and 75°C.

    So the phobya He grease can hold its own against the AS5 in terms of temps, there being a 1°C difference between the two. But would I actually buy it over the AS5? In all honesty I’m not sure.

    The main gripe I had with the Phobya He was in relation to the ease of application. Although easier to spread compared to the antec and coolermaster pastes ( which are like trying to cover your CPU in chewing gum) its a bit more fiddly to get even over compared to AS5 and may well have skewed the results somewhat and lead to it underperforming. Especially when using the little spatula they give you, which is as useful as this thing…..


    Moving on…. I yielded slightly better results when using my usual method of wrapping cling film around my finger and spreading it that way. The paste is what I can only describe as slightly bitty( or gritty). I’ve attached a few pics of both the AS5 and Phoybya close up so you can see what I’m getting at.

    Phobya HEgrease


    You can see how the paste just clumps up, much preferring to stick to your fingers than the surface of the processor.


    To obtain the best cover i found that dabbing the surface lightly with your finger was the way to go.

    This is in comparison to the AS5 shown below which you can see has a nice smooth cover. ( sorry for the blurryness)


    The result tends to be that you have to use a fair bit more CPU paste in order to cover the processor. This might be annoying to those who have lapped their processors & heatsink and want them sitting flush with a very fine layer of paste. Ultimately this means you’ll get through the tube faster, even if it is bigger than the AS5…hey size isn’t everything right? :eyebrow:

    Also quickly onto the CPU and GPU cleaning kit! I was sceptical that it would be good enough for me to be persuaded to spend £3 ( yes I am a cheap ass) for something which I could easily do with the bottle of white spirit I had sitting in my shed, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    It took off my 6 month old layer of AS5 as if it had just been applied and the same went for cleaning off the gunk that Antec and Coolermaster try to pass off as thermal paste. Also another thing I was thankful for was that my room didn’t honk of white spirit afterwards. Usually cleaning CPU paste consists of a slightly nauseous reviewer and a substantial loss of brain cells, but not this time! Well worth the small investment I would say.


    So what’s the overall verdict? Well as you can see from the relatively happy rageface Phobya Havent done too badly. They have created a paste that performs with the best of them and the cleaning kit that does its job well. But as mentioned before the consistency of the paste just isn’t quite right. Although tempting I don’t think it as quite usurped AS5 from its throne but it sure as hell wasn’t far off. Yet i have to admit as long as i have this in my draw i doubt I'll be buying another tube of AS5 for while, and that in itself is an achievement.



    Just a quick thank you to Phobya & Aquatuning for supplying me with the Paste and CPU/GPU cleaning Kit.

    **I know some people think that Prime95 is a bit outdated and a program like Intel Burn should be used instead when stressing nowadays, and your probably right, but I tend to find that the temp difference is negligible between the two tests.

    Any other comments/suggestions are welcome, just sling me a PM. ( Also apologies for the copious amount of typos)
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