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News Revolution controller is bonkers

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by WilHarris, 16 Sep 2005.

  1. mushky

    mushky gimme snails

    24 Mar 2003
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    You can guarantee that there will be a handfull of killer games that use the motion sensors, and they will probably be enough to secure my purchase.

    I love the fact that Nintendo are always pushing the boundaries. I wouldn't like to live in a world where they were the only option, and I wouldn't like to not have them around either.
  2. Satyric_saint

    Satyric_saint What's a Dremel?

    4 Aug 2004
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    Audio output is a lame excuse not to like the N64 when it was by far better than the PS1 and the crappy load times it came with. Waiting for the games to come up on the PS1 was like pulling teeth. (it just plain hurt like hell) And as for there being no DVD player in the Gamecube, Last I checked the PS2 had a lot of problems with theirs when it first hit shelves. As I remember it wouldn’t play the Matrix because the graphics where too much for the poor little thing. :waah: I would much rather have a DVD player by itself than integrated into my Gamecube And as for bad Controllers, Have you ever actually used all 3 controllers? PS2 is the same as PS1 (small and too complicated, you always ended up pushing the wrong buttons not to mention I have big hands so the whole thing was swallowed up then I was playing it making figuring out the button positions an annoyance. Then you have the X-box controller that is so big and bulky you get cramps in your hand after using it for more than 2 minutes and again the buttons are arranged so oddly that you have problems pushing them without changing your grip, which takes precious time away in a game. With my Gamecube I’ve never had to hunt for buttons, it’s the perfect size and I can play for hours without getting any craps in my hands.

    I hate to tell you but GTA got passed over by Nintendo because of the violence factor in the game, Halo is a pure M$ and no one else’s game, and last time I checked Gamecube did have a MGS game (twin snakes) as I recall which was rather popular.

    Nintendo has stated before and MANY times that it doesn’t want to compete with M$ and Sony in the outrageously expensive console market so they are going in a new direction one that stubborn close minded button pushers (Like you) wouldn’t understand. Please tell me why Nintendo has to have sex and drugs in their console games to get business? I am perfectly fine playing GTA on my computer away from the eyes of my child instead of having it blaring on the TV screen for all to see and then playing something like Mario cart with her on the Gamecube I don’t want her exposed to all that Crap besides I’ve played every GTA on PS2 and I’ve got to say they all sucked. The auto aiming was crappy in gang situations and it was hard to control the character.

    Finally last time I checked the Light gun, Super Scope, and Games like duck hunt spawned peripherals that people still use today, I’ve seen sniper rifles for X-box and hand guns for PS2, of coarse the larger spin off for these where on arcade Games like Superscope, Time Crisis, Area 51, Etc. I would definitely say Nintendo Has left their mark in the gaming industry by making the odd game or peripheral.

    We understand you don’t like the new revolution or Nintendo for that matter and your option has been left, twice as a matter of fact and if it is left a third time I would venture as far as claiming that your trying to start an argument with the people in this discussion. :eyebrow:
    Last edited: 26 Sep 2005
  3. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel Sanders Minimodder

    25 Jun 2002
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    Get a life dude, I have simply defended my point of saying that Nintendo can fail at times, and it is *my opinion* that the Revolution controller is not going to be a huge success.

    L J
  4. severedhead

    severedhead What's a Dremel?

    19 Dec 2002
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    This would really annoy me, maybe not the joystick thing, but the whole movement thing.
    When I play on console games I'm usually completely monged out and can't even be arsed to get my beer off the floor, let alone physically move it every time I wanted my character to jump or something.

    It is good that Nintendo are trying something different though, it just really doesn't appeal to me.
  5. Darv

    Darv Bling!!

    12 Aug 2002
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    You don't actually have to move very much. It only takes slight movements of the wrist to use it. If you get a laser pointer you can see how little you need to move to point it at each corner of your TV.
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