RMA issues on invoice 00e2856808

Discussion in 'SCAN Computers - After Sales Support' started by DwarfKiller, 30 Sep 2016.

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    25 Nov 2010
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    Bought a PSU to replace a dead unit, replacement turned out to be DoA.
    I have 3 sets of components available for testing and confirmed it dead on all 3. I confirmed all 3 sets
    working with another supply. It also failed a pin test.

    The issue? RMA refused due to no fault found.

    "Used the PSU to power Test Bench 11 using an Nvidia GTX770. Powers up fine, ran Heaven benchmark for a few mins with no issues. NFF"

    I have since reconfirmed all 3 sets as working due to the notification.

    Could I get an explanation? If no RMA is being issued I would like to pursue a refund and purchase elsewhere.

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