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Peripherals ROG GX1000 Eagle Eye Gaming Mouse

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Djayness, 16 Jan 2013.

  1. Djayness

    Djayness phwupupupup

    7 May 2008
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    It's time for the ROG GX1000 Eagle Eye Mouse Review!

    So yes, it's a first look and yes, the brushed metal looks every bit as awesome here as it does in real life. The ROG GX1000 Eagle Eye Mouse is by memory, the only major push ASUS Republic of Gamers has done in the professional mouse arena.

    It's a solid product, one that has now become my daily use mouse on my desk and that's saying something, especially from a guy who spents quite a bit of time finding excuses to use Battlefield 3 in all my product testing!

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