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Gaming RONIN Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Combatus, 6 Jul 2015.

  1. Combatus

    Combatus Bit-tech Modding + hardware reviews Staff Super Moderator

    16 Feb 2009
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  2. Skiddywinks

    Skiddywinks Member

    10 Aug 2008
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    Based on your review it sounds like this deserves more than a 70/100...

    Nothing more infuriating than a flawed diamond in the rough.
  3. gongo

    gongo New Member

    14 Jul 2015
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    Ronin is a great game, the soundtrack perfectly fits the mood and the minimal story suits the minimalist art style. The sound effects and kill sequences are extremely gratifying and the blood spatter is perfect. I really enjoy this game.

    I see a lot of people whining that the game is too hard, that it's not point-click-pew-pew-win. It honestly amazes me that anyone would watch the trailer, purchase the game, and then expect it to be simple.

    I see LOTS of belly-aching about civilians and I've not had any struggles with them. If you're having to knock over a civilian then you're doing it wrong. Similarly all of the belly-aching about difficulty comes from people not unlocking all of the skills. And in that vein, the game is best played in spurts of 2-3 levels per gaming session. Everyone complaining about the game is sitting down and expecting to play it for 6 hours straight and the game just isn't meant for that. Most people won't have the mental stamina for more than 2 levels at a time, this isn't a mindless Halo game that you can "kill a weekend" on.

    I agree that there are some tweaks needed, but I think the game is great as is. If I had my magic game fixing wand, here's what I would change:
    1. Add a "replay" button at the end of each checkpoint. Or even just at the end of the level would work too, there's already a "play/pause" button in the bottom corner and I think it would be cool to see the fight unfold in real-time. Possibly add some dramatic zoom-in on killing the boss/last enemy in each checkpoint.
    2. The only required objectives should be "hack all computers/kill mark" and "don't kill civilians". The completion of those two should grant a skill point and then another for doing the bonus objectives of "don't be seen by civilians/don't raise alarm" and "kill all enemies".
    3. Civilians should not call lockdown. If they see you or you knock them over, they should just cower. This will resolve all of the issues that everyone is complaining about with respect to civilians. I think it makes it too easy so to compensate, civilians should get caught by crossfire at least.
    4. Skill tree tweaks to accommodate the redistribution of skill points and objectives. Right now you can't unlock all skills until you've completed every single level perfectly. I think that ideally you should have all skills unlocked by the end of level 11 with all bonus objectives done and that you should have about 75% of skills by the end of level 14 if you only complete primary objectives. This way the last level is still doable even if you don't have a perfect on all levels but there's still a significant gameplay advantage/reward for those who manage it. This will resolve all of the moaning about everything being too hard because a perfect run is required, blah blah blah.
    5. I think the combat would benefit greatly from a tweak to the action point mechanic. A lot of the kinetics in combat right now depend on momentum and if you hit everything in a long string (like the last level) then you don't have to worry about action points, but sometimes you end up defensive for 2 turns then you can't do anything and just have to start over. I think if the only way to lose points was to spend on abilities (instead of jumping "costing" a point) that would help tremendously. Also, limit break should be an ability that you choose to use instead of just automatically depleting your points (though I agree it's really cool at first, in later levels I would really just rather have the points to spend instead). This would resolve all of the complaints about combat just being long sessions of jumping.

    All of the tweaks combined would make the game too easy though, so maybe have all in "Very Easy", half in "Hard", and the game as-is for "Very Hard". The tweaks to the skill tree would also mean that there's a point to playing New Game Plus since there's still the chance to earn new abilities.

    Overall, I love this game and I enjoy the difficulty as-is. I think it's sad that its reputation is being ruined by people who don't understand it and complain about being locked to 30 fps (this is supposed to be a little choppy by style/design, it's supposed to be like cartoon animation after all). Well worth my $10 and I think once you get the hang of how combat flows and works, you'll realize why the game keeps telling you that it's not a stealth game.

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