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Cooling Room for Noctua NH-U12P?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by morris8809, 22 Dec 2008.

  1. morris8809

    morris8809 Minimodder

    30 Dec 2006
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    Hey all of bit tech again, thinking about ordering a new cooler to replace my pos stock intel but im having trouble making sure ill have enough room. On the sites the specs state that it is 158mm in height. This is around 6.22 inches.

    Just wondering if anyone could measure from their mobo to top of cooler so i can make sure it will fit before i buy. Thanks for any help. Also if theres any other good coolers that are not as tall just post and ill look them up. Thanks

    Edit: just measured from the mobo to the side and it looks as if i have around 6.5 inches of area so then to take into account the cpu socket it will be really close to 6.25. If anyone could give me some exact measurements it would be awesome, thanks.
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