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Ryzen, Vega64 & some EK stuff

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by robbiec, 5 Oct 2018.

  1. robbiec

    robbiec What's a Dremel?

    25 Jun 2015
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    Enthoo Primo case
    AMD Ryzen 2700+
    AMD RX Vega 64
    GSkill TridentZ 3200 14s 2 x 8GB
    Asus Prime X470Pro
    be Quiet Dark Power 11 850W
    Samsung 950 Pro 500GB nvme (Primary)
    AMD StoreMI setup consisting of
    Samsung 970 EVO 250GB and Toshiba X300 4TB + another X300 on the way
    Cooling as follows:
    Aquaero 6
    Aquacomputer D5 + integrated res
    XSPC RX V3 360mm
    EK 240mm (fat one)
    EK Velocity (AMD Acetal + RGB)
    EK FC Vega with RGB
    10 x Noiseblocker PL2s
    3 x Phanteks 140mm
    Steelseries 7G keyboard
    Steelseries Sensei mouse
    Dell UltraSharp 2516D (2K but 99% AdobeRgb for photo work)

    Until this morning it was running on air but I have way too much watercooling stuff not to feel pressured to use it.

    Pics tell a thousand words - As was this morning

    Prevously benched like so:


    This morning I started stripping it down to throw some bits and bobs at it (Aquaero 6LT, EK Velocity, EK FC Vega RGB, Aquacomputer D5 with res)

    Rads will be XSPC 360 V3.0 and EK XE240 fitted with Noiseblocker PL2s

    A bit of a long time EK fan (my Supremacy has seen me though Phenom's, FX's and briefly put on the Ryzen until a leak gave the Mrs an excuse to demand that I go back to aircooling like a normal person.

    I had the Acetal FC block for the Vega which I never got around to fitting, this morning I upgraded that to the RGB version.

    Vega64 in old suit next to new suit

    Strip and clean

    Faff about with little screws and thermal pads for an hour or so gets you this

    While searching for something in the attic, I found my original EK block - The original Supreme!

    EK Rad will sit in the bottom and I have the drainage for the loop plumbed in

    Basically a 90deg fitting with the tube fed though the rad mount to a tap.

    Bottom rad in situ

    Trying out Alphacool fittings this time around, quality seems good and pricing not insane like the Bitspower stuff

    The Velocity fits in nicely with the Asus Prime colour scheme

    More to come...

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