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Gaming Saints Row IV Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Baz, 14 Aug 2013.

  1. Baz

    Baz I work for Corsair

    13 Jan 2005
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  2. Eiffie

    Eiffie What's a Dremel?

    11 Oct 2010
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    Good review, I feel like you touched on a lot of things I was wondering about - how much fun the game is - how different the city is - is this just a glorified expansion or a stand-alone game - but I think I'm going to have to go with Laura Bailey's voice for my character when I get it, she's just so dam likeable and kick-ass!

    I REALLY want to buy this game right away since I loved the third game. Even if it was a departure from the style of the first two games I didn't mind it at all. The only thing that is making me hold onto my money is the inevitably large amounts of DLC that will ship after the game. I'll probably end up waiting until they bundle all or most of it with the main game and then snag a copy for a buddy so we can co-op the crap outta it.
  3. fluxtatic

    fluxtatic What's a Dremel?

    25 Aug 2010
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    Looking forward to picking it up cheap in a Steam sale two years from now.
  4. lacuna

    lacuna Minimodder

    9 Aug 2004
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    Saints Row 2 was one of my favourite games on PS3 and so I had very high expectations of SR3. Unfortunately it failed to deliver and this just looks even worse.

    What made SR2 so refreshing and fun was that it had a pretty good story with some fairly gritty and poignant moments but successfully managed to incorporate a lot of crazy stuff as well. There was enough 'serious' to make the 'fun' really shine through.

    In SR3 there is barely any story and you are just doing crazy stuff with a crazy background. Its like playing a game with the cheats on, only you cant turn them off. I put it on a week or 2 ago and found myself fighting the army with a *****, which on paper sounds hilarious but it gets boring really quickly. You can include all the mad stuff you want but without a decent story or any kind of challenge it won't be fun for long.

    Can't help but think SR4 will just be a poor version of SR3, which was already a dull game
  5. bawjaws

    bawjaws Multimodder

    5 Dec 2010
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    I agree with lacuna in that there's a balance to be struck between seriousness and wackiness. If there's no contrast, things get dull pretty quickly. GTAIV was 100% serious, and was tedious in the extreme. SR3 was exactly the opposite, 100% craziness (much of which felt a bit forced, to be honest), and was just as tedious. Unfortunately, SR4 looks like being more of the same... just have to hope that GTAV will restore a bit of balance a la GTA:SA.
  6. ModSquid

    ModSquid Multimodder

    16 Apr 2011
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    Sounds exactly like Crackdown. And that's a few years old.

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