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Displays Samsung F2380 or Viewsonic VX2260wm?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Veles, 3 Mar 2010.

  1. Veles

    Veles DUR HUR

    18 Nov 2005
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    So I would like a nice new monitor, preferably a 1080p one so it doesn't go all screwy with my xbox's aspect ratio, and these are the two I've looked at.

    The Viewsonic has been recommended as a great budget monitor here several times and is available on eBuyer for only £140 now. I've also seen it in action and thought it was pretty good.

    The F2380 is a bit swisher (although still not knock your socks off good) down to the fact it's not a TN panel but £60 more expensive. I believe it's also slightly larger physically.

    I'm currently using two poor quality £80 budget Samsungs that were bought several years ago and are now in need of replacing, they're fuzzy and images burn into them very easily.

    I was going to get the Viewsonic a while back but decided to save my money, and bearing in mind the £60 difference in price is currently almost half of my monthly wages, I'm leading towards the Viewsonic which would still be a massive improvement over what I'm using now (which I have managed to put up with quite easily for several years).
  2. fingerbob69

    fingerbob69 Member

    5 Jul 2009
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  3. azrael-

    azrael- I'm special...

    18 May 2008
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    ^^ What he said. The F2380 simply isn't fast enough for gaming due to the lack of overdrive.

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