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Storage SATA1 and LSI HDD controller probs...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AuroraUK, 4 Jul 2009.

  1. AuroraUK

    AuroraUK New Member

    4 Jul 2009
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    Hello there :) I need help in trying to get SATA1 disks being seen as SATA2 by a LSI RAID card, Here are the details....

    If any of you could help me or suggest any advice then i would be very much grateful...

    I have a small problem thats giving me a big headache.

    I have an LSI 8208ELS x4 PCIexpress controller card that im currently happily running 4 WD Caviar blue WD6400AAKS SATA2 HDD's in RAID0 connected to an Asus P5Q deluxe.

    However, this RAID card does not detect any SATA1 hard disks that i connect to it. Its not a fault or hardware problem as the LSI logic website/manual states that only SAS and SATA2 HDD's are supported.

    Problem is that I have 2 x 4GB I-RAM disks and 4 WD 74GB Raptor HDD's that i would very much like to get set up on the LSI controller. The SIL3114 4 port PCI controller card that i am currently using for the Raptors is basically crap.... here are benches i recorded using HDtach from about 3 months ago with 2 WD6400AAKS's and from today, the 4 raptors on the Silicon image SIL3114 card...

    According to HDtach the 2 WD Blue WD6400AAKS Caviars (2 stripe RAID0):
    Random access time : 12.4ms
    Averarge read : 172.4MB/s
    Burst speed : 380.8MB/s

    and WD Raptors, 16MB cache, 74GB (4 stripe RAID0):
    Random access time : 8.6ms
    Averarge read : 97.6MB/s
    Burst speed : 110.3MB/s

    As you can see, very disapointing, especially when you consider 2x7200rpm drives outperforming 4x10.000 rpm monsters. And to make things worse Im getting even better results now with the card with 4 WD6400AAKS's rather than the 2.

    Is there any way of getting SATA1 drives to work with this controller? The LSI website and software does nothing. Am just wondering if there is anyway to 'trick' the controller card into seeing a SATA1 device or somehow 'disguising' a SATA1 device as SATA2??....

    Any help would be appreciated. THANKS ALL!!!!

    PS... The motherboard can be ruled out as the problem as i was previously running as Asus Maximus Formula SE X38 and was getting the same results.

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