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Scythe Anniversary All Copper Ninja CPU Cooler

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 16 Jan 2008.

  1. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces its 5th anniversary edition of Ninja CPU Cooler in all copper material! Year 2008 is the 5th year for Scythe brand since its establishment and this model is being announced as the 5th anniversary of Scythe. This copper version comes with luxurious all copper heatsink fins as well as a slower speed fan to fully benefit from the higher performance and heat transfer ratio of the copper to make this cooler even more silent and powerful.

    Quantity is limited for this version due to the nature of the material. This model is featuring the LGA775 back-plate mounting mechanism to increase the contact pressure and secure the mounting to compensate the weight of the all copper design. If you are looking for a luxurious all copper CPU cooler, this might be the good choice for you! For further details and specifications of this item, please refer to the below.


    Model Name: Ninja Cu CPU Cooler

    Model Number: SCNJ-CU1000

    Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

    Compatibility: Intel® Sockel 478/T (LGA775)

    AMD Sockel 754/939/940/AM2

    Heatsink Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 150mm

    Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm

    Fan Noise Level: 10,70dBA

    Air Flow: 40,17CFM

    Fan Speed: 800rpm (±10%)

    Weight: 1015g (+115g Fan)

    MSRP: 70.00 (USD)

    59.90 (EURO) excl. VAT


    For further information & images regarding this product,

    please visit our website at: http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/ninja-cu.html

    Ninja CU CPU Cooler Product Page (German)

    Ninja CU CPU Cooler High Resolution Images (FTP): ftp://scythe-eu.com/High Resolution Images/Products/CPU Cooler/Ninja Cu (SCNJ-CU1000)
  2. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    I saw this at Computex last year and Scythe were concerned about a reliable source of copper and the weight, so I'm kind of surprised to see it released as it's 1kg! but it does say limited quantities. QuietPC stock them in the UK - we're trying to get one in for review.
  3. Guest-23315

    Guest-23315 Guest

    Should be a good cooler indeed.

    But, why no copper base?
  4. Jipa

    Jipa Avoiding the "I guess.." since 2004

    5 Feb 2004
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    Seems to be such a waste of copper. It weights a ton and I'm pretty sceptical about the difference in cooling power. Also I'd make a guess that the base is copper, but only nickel-plated to prevent oxidising and add some bling.

    EDIT: Just to add, Cooler Master did something similar already closer to four years ago. All copper and close to one kilogram: http://metku.net/index.html?path=reviews/hyper6/index_eng It was just too much back then and it still is today. Imo.
    Last edited: 16 Jan 2008
  5. Amon

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    1 Jun 2007
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    Needs a complementary ninja decal to complete the orange ninja motif:

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