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Disaster Seriouly Extreme Finger Modding

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Der Me!$ter, 11 Apr 2004.

  1. -:: M@ ::-

    -:: M@ ::- Testify!

    3 Oct 2003
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    The same reason that you faint if someone karate chops you on your upper lip, faintings to do with pain (your body senses more pain than it sometimes lets you feel), as your fingers are used for touch nd are extremely senstive, so there are a hell of alot of touch receptors there, just like your upper lip (why kissing feels so sensual) and other places feet, ears, nose, palm, inner thigh and just about every dirty place :) :p
    So imagine hitting all these billions of sense receptors with a hammer, or slicing there connections, causes blocking of the pain nerves etc sending messages, and your brain/spinal chord cant handle it, so just switches you off :) so that it can sort itself out without having all the extra attention of you trying to think at the same time :)
    heh the bodys a clever thing ....

  2. Balder

    Balder Calmer than a monk on morphine

    4 Jul 2003
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    I wrecked left finger in the door ones, or actualy my exgirlfriends little brother did, we were going to her room when the litle bratt came, an my ex and him started pulling the door, I was ofcourse holding my hand right in the midle :sigh: , and he let go *WHAAAAAAAAAM* , i had to get 5 stiches, i could se the bone and everything, man I cried like a bay when i saw the bone :waah:

    Did some more controled modding of both my hands last fall, gutted open both my wrists, wanna se pictures :naughty: , i have some nice lookin stich wounds for your viewing pleasure.... j/k, I do have them, but I doubt that anyone would like to see them..

    \\the crippeld dude Balder
  3. Herbicide

    Herbicide Lurktacular

    27 May 2004
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    I have a lot of small scars on my hands from allsorts (glass, metal, paper, hawthorn bushes, grass...). Victorinox knives are good, but I stick to lock knives myself, because they don't decide to close on their own.
  4. VolcanBaru

    VolcanBaru What's a Dremel?

    28 May 2004
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    haha i broke my finger when my little brother let go the door so yea

    i cut myself so many times....its not fun at all

    once times when i was 8 years old and i took my dad's hand saw and cut it in wrong way.......oops cut my thumb pretty bad, its cut my bone almost all way down

    oh man...i remember that my dad's parrot bit me (my dad's parrot is big) and she broke my thumb(just like SNAP). it was bleeding so badly(yes i cried like an little baby)

    i cut my finger so many times

    sorry about my bad grammar.......I just have problem with grammar on comp :duh: :wallbash:
  5. argon

    argon What's a Dremel?

    30 May 2004
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    I agree with the pain thing, last week I was in the woods with some friends and we found a rope swing over a river, We all had a few swings and then I decided to drop into the river, I was barefoot, and dropped onto a very sharp very jagged rock, I didn't really feel anything but I thought I had a small cut. I climbed out of the river and saw I had a 3inch long gash on the base of my foot which was about an inch deep, you could see the bone in places. Strangely enough although in quite severe shock I was the only one who stayed calm and had to tell my mates what to do...in the end I had 10stitches and I'm now on crutches for about a month,

    It has also made me a little scared of my Knife, I did something similar although half my finger didn't drop off, I just cut a bit about 1mm thick off the tip of my middle finger,

  6. jaguarking11

    jaguarking11 Peterbilt-strong

    10 Dec 2003
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    Well My stupidity tops all. I had a drill mounted 2inch circular saw (gheto dremel) that went dull when I was cuting some small pices of wood. So in a stroke of genious I decided to sharpen it. But Sharpening it I decided to mount it on the drill spin it at full drill speed 3krpm and I put a knife sharpening stone on it to start sharpening it. Menwhile I was holding the stone some one called me and I got distracted thus my midle finger went right into the flade for a cuple of spins. It touched bone and then some.

    Funny thing is that I didnt even go to the hospital to get it fixed. I just bandaged it with some tissue paper and then put electrical tape ontop and squeezed it till it was snug and continued working. About a week lader my scab fell out and there was a nice looking scar right down the fingerprint side of my finger.

    I would take a pic but I dont have camera bettery's handy.

    So any one dare challenge the king of stupid <------- :D :clap: :clap:
  7. khendar

    khendar What's a Dremel?

    25 May 2004
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    Not modding, related but I think mine warrents points for stupidity.

    It was New Years Eve a couple of years ago, and I was working for a band (I know working on New Years is a bit sucky but it was double pay :D). Anyway the show went off without a hitch, as did the load out. All the gear was in the truck and all I had to do was fold up the hydraulic lifter on the back. as it was coming up I notices the chain which secures it was tucked inside where I couldn't reach it. I thought (this was 4am) that it was a good idea to reach in with my finger and hook it out. *CLUNK* Caught the tip of my infex finger just above the first joint. Cracked the bone and needed half a dozen stitches :duh:

    Got a couple of months off work though :p And I haven't worked another New Years since :D
  8. Lovah

    Lovah Apple and Canon fanboy

    10 Jul 2002
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    thats not sooo bad.

    My dad cutted of half of the top of his thumb, with his Leatherman wave, the flesh was actually hanging from a little piece of skin.. you could see the bone in it!

    blood blood and even more blood !!! strange thing is he didn't even go see a doctor :duh: , it healed... after about 2 months.

    but even more stupid:

    My dad and my neighbour were chopping some wood, for the fire place's. (his and ours). and my neighbour was working with my dads table saw (not electric, but with a engine). and my dad sed he should be more carefull, because he was getting close with his finger...

    and about 10 minutes later... bingo !

    a nice cut OUT of his thumb... loads of blood offcours, luckily it didn't need any stitching ... so they took a break, and ate lunch

    so a few hours later, they went back to do some more work done..
    my dad sed he should do something else, while he uses the table saw, but my stubbern neighbour wouldn't listen. so he continued using the table saw

    about an hour later... bingo !

    this time the middle finger had to take it , this time it took out his nail !, to the emergency room of the hospital, this needed some stitching, they also took pictures, there was a bit of the bone missing, cutted right out..

    it should heal , luckely for him though, he still has all his finger, but lost a few finger prints...

    so uh.. be carefull

    and: gloves don't stop a cutting blade ! lol



    I've cutted a few piece's of my fingers with my swiss army knife aswell, those things are sharp.

    but now I have a Leatherman Wave (two actually, one is in my toolbox for my RC Car (HPI RS4 3 EVO) and the other one is for general use, take it just about everywhere). and those knives are even sharper!!! (ask my dad, lol).

    so i'm twice as carefull with those knives.

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