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Build Advice Serious NAS advice needed for christmas

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by logan'srun, 1 Dec 2009.

  1. Burnout21

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    9 Sep 2005
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    I decided that the NAS is after all just a storage area with low level tasks such as bit-torrent.

    Any encoding i do is done on the machine in my sig.

    The way i see it is the NAS is running 24/7 so power efficiency was key to my build, other people here have dual core systems, so using low power AMD AM2 CPU's too which i am most jealous about.

    My future plans are to shift the NAS into HTPC system, and rely on future chipset's for serious encoding and decoding. Right now its pretty sweet with what you can buy, but 1080p is pushing the limits of current low power hardware, no matter how good ION is.

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