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Setting Up network b/t two PCs. Help!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Blast, 9 Jun 2004.

  1. Blast

    Blast New Member

    9 Jul 2003
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    I am attempting to network two PCs running XP Pro using a workgroup. Could someone please give me a very detailed explaination on how to do it. I am having trouble.

    BTW, do I need to go Computer 1 ---> Cat5 --> switch ---> Cat5 ---> Computer 2.

    Or can I go Computer 1 ---> Cat5 ---> Computer 2.
  2. [cibyr]

    [cibyr] Sometimes posts here

    30 Nov 2003
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    Should've been in networking, but hey. The short answer is either will work but it depends.

    For straight from one computer to the other you should use a crossover cable. They are usually red or orange, and are usually labeled as "cat5e" cables. To connect a computer to a switch or hub you should use a patch cable which are usuallty blue, and just plain cat5. BUT, some switches and network cards can "auto sense" and tell what sort of cable you are using and adjust accordingly (so that it doesn't matter what sort you use). Easiest thing to do is just a single crossover cable.

    All that said, you might have the cables and such just fine, but not have the network cards or software set up properly...
  3. TMM

    TMM Modder

    12 Jan 2004
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    also the xp pro wizard goes a bit mad if a network is already set up and you want to set it up again. so re-install the network cards (uninstall through device manager) and when you restart a prompt will come up in the tray, just click that and off you go :hip:

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