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Storage Should I buy this OCZ SSD?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Jenny_Y8S, 1 Dec 2009.

  1. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

  2. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Vertex Turbo is a waste - you'll not notice the difference between that and the Vertex.

    Have a look at the Crucial M125 as well, see what price it is.
  3. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

    I think you're likely right, some of the stats claim to be 20% better than the vertex, for only a 10% increase in cost. But in real world use it's not likely to really show up, especially when with reads there's so little in it
  4. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Complete marketing cods-wollop. All Indilinx drives are built the same, it's just OCZ and Crucial put more effort into firmware updates which is why we recommend them.
  5. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

    Well the orders gone in....

    ... and I'll have it in the morning, now do I let my 2yo twins help me rebuild the pc or do I wait until they are tucked up in bed?

    BTW, I didn't get the turbo!
  6. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Im sure you love them both very much, but I'd have thrown two straight jackets in with that order. No little tigers with chocolaty hands and a wanting to throw or see what's inside everything would ever get near my expensive PC parts.

  7. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

    It's OK, I've got gaffa tape and have this this amazing how-to:

  8. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest


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  9. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

    An update:

    The OCZ drive rocks. 7 Wouldn't install until the SSD was the only drive wired in, but other than that plain sailing.

    And of course 7 would like a dream as it always does.
  10. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster Well-Known Member

    27 Aug 2003
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    Did you just install windows 7 to the ssd or did you ghost a copy on? I've heard if you ghost it the drive performs better or is that just a load of balls?
  11. earlydoors

    earlydoors Member

    12 May 2009
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    what's your 7 boot times like with that ?
  12. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

    It's a fully clean install, boot times are <30 secs but I haven't fully timed them to be honest. I made a few bios tweaks as well as all in all my old vista install was sitting at 5mins+ by the time all the services had started.

    The old install had loads of developer tools and services running, I'm not bothering with that this time round as I'll keep everything dev related on my laptops or in virtual machines.

    So hopefully I can keep the boot time sharp.
  13. wormy

    wormy Member

    16 Oct 2009
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    Mummy, what's ghosting?
  14. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest


    It's a method of taking an entire image of a drive and transfering it to another drive (or restoring it to a different / same drive)

    It's the same technique as used by Windows Vista / 7 full system backup, or free tools such as Drive Image XML
  15. jbloggs

    jbloggs New Member

    12 Sep 2007
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    Last edited: 20 Aug 2011

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