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Shuttle Delivers a Platform for All With SN68SG2

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 30 Jul 2007.

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    Shuttle Delivers a Platform for All - AMD Platform the Whole Family Will Enjoy

    (Taipei, Taiwan, 26th July 2007) Shuttle Inc. – leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers and accessories today announced the launch of its latest AMD platform XPC Glamor series – the Shuttle XPC Glamor SN68SG2, experience Shuttle on an AMD platform.

    The Shuttle XPC Glamor series SN68SG2 designed based on the NVIDIA® GeForce 7025/630a chipset supports the latest AMD AM2 multi-core processors. Well-known for its graphic cards, NVIDIA® GeForce 7025 provides splendid video graphic performance with integrated 8-channel high definition audio thus providing the most ideal solution for both the home and work environment.

    The classic Shuttle casing provides all the necessary everyday needs in the front panel such as USB2.0 ports, microphone and headphone plugs for easy access and a more behind the scene settings in the rear panel. Featuring the low noise and ultra cool Shuttle’s proprietary Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE2) Technology, your system will be quieter and cooler while having great performance.

    For the latest information and specification on the Shuttle XPC Glamor series SN68SG2, please visit our official Shuttle website: http://global.shuttle.com/

    Technical details:
    Shuttle XPC Glamor Series SN68SG2

    * NVIDIA® GeForce 7025/630a
    * Supports AMD® Athlon™64 X2, Athlon™64 and Sempron™ series, Hyper Transport 1.0
    * Max. 4 GB Dual Channel DDR2 800 (OC to 1066 MHz)
    * NVIDIA® GeForce7025
    * 8-Channel High Definition Audio
    * 1x PCI-E X16, 1x PCI
    * Gigabit LAN
    * 2x Firewire, 6x USB 2.0
    * 2x SATA2, 2x eSATA
    * 250-Watt power supply
    * 300(L) x 200(W) x 185(H) mm

    About Shuttle Inc.
    Established in 1983 and publicly listed since 2000, Shuttle Inc (TAIEX 2405) is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers and accessories. Shuttle produced the first commercially-successful SFF computer and continues to define the segment with its platform defining XPC product line.

    Personal Note: Woot: G2s! Boo: 7025, not 7050 :/
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    16 Feb 2007
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    ideal space saver, thats all really, nothing else stands out :(

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