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Hardware Shuttle X27-D Atom dual-core barebones SFF

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 15 Jan 2009.

  1. knuck

    knuck Hate your face

    25 Jan 2002
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    did you guys get a new camera for reviews ? The photos in this one are great and really clear. Good job
  2. vampalan

    vampalan What's a Dremel?

    18 Jun 2003
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    All I can say about Shuttle is do some research about the company and their support service if you are thinking of buying a Shuttle, Sudhian has a lot of users to share over there.
  3. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    I finally fixed the flash and used my 28-200 F2.8 lens instead of the stock 18-55 on our 400d.

    I've changed it to make it clearer thanks :thumb:

    I want Shuttle to do a 690T-SB600 mini-ITX board with a 60W power brick, or, an Athlon Neo version of the X27-D.
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