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Case Mod - In Progress SilentiumPC X90 Aquarius - custom RGB LED fans

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Piotrek_PL, 16 Oct 2014.

  1. Piotrek_PL

    Piotrek_PL What's a Dremel?

    29 Mar 2013
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    Hey guys, it's high time to introduce you to my new project. It's based on X90 Aquarius PC Case made by SilentiumPC company. The case was reviewed by techpowerup, you can see it here

    I've always wanted a case with a bright backlight, but with possibility to turn the light off. I also love a well light up fan, but again, I may need to turn the light off. That's why I decided to make my own fans that will have RGB LEDs with remote control. So I can change a color or turn it off any time.


    Cooling loop will be two radiators: one 3x140 on the front of the case and a 2x120 on the top. All loop will be connected with copper tubes.
    I want the case to look really agressive so on the front will be 3 140mm fans without any grills or filters and 2 fans on the top.
    Top of the case will also feature a EK-RES X3 250.
    Of course there will be a window in side panel.

    Sponsored by:

    [​IMG] - company provided Aquarius X90 case and 6 Mistral 140 fans.



    [​IMG] - company provided 6 TwoCool 140 fans

    Those fans will have hard times with me, because I will mod them to fit RGB leds.

    EK-CoolStream RAD XTC 420 on the front

    There's not much space left :)

    I need to get rid of 5.25" bays, but it was a quick job.


    Now it fits perfecty.

    On the picture below are custom laser cut frames to my RGB fans. I will work with them in the next update.

    Translating this worklog from Polish to English is for me harder than I'd like to admit... So I'm very sorry for my poor English.
    Hope you like my work, stay tuned, next update will be very soon.
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