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Playstation 3 Skate 2 Demo

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Major, 17 Jan 2009.

  1. superseagull

    superseagull If it aint broke, fix it ;-)

    28 May 2008
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    loved the demo - i want the full game damnit but gotta wait for price drop :waah:
  2. Major

    Major Guest

    Game is like 1000000000 times better than the demo.
  3. talladega

    talladega I'm Squidward

    18 Aug 2007
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    I still hate the controls for walking. UGH! oh well.

    Also I can't get past the the "Pro" thing where you play S.K.A.T.E. against two guys. It's like impossible. First they do tricks that are really hard to reproduce. Second the game is screwing me over by not interpreting my stick movement correctly or even not registering that I did anything. I once was doing a simple ollie but it had me do a varial kickflip. And third the two skaters you play against cheat. So many times they are going up that little ramp and go off the edge while going up but are still able to ollie up perfectly. I dont get it. Even if you are able to copy their tricks exactly every time it's gonna take like 1 - 2hrs to beat them because they seem to NEVER mess up. It's rediculous.

    Besides that its great. I uploaded a really sweet trick. Go to skate.ea.com and go to the SkateReel thing and search for video under my PSN (in my sig). I did a backflip into a grind. Was really awesome.

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