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Sliding Keypad security!

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by diskreet, 10 Jan 2004.

  1. Draxin

    Draxin Seeker of Photons

    29 Nov 2001
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    would it be too much to ask for if one were to say ask for a schematic, or a wire map. id like to see how you wired all of it up.

    i had an idea for using a CD rom drive (well just the sliding tray) but i was having problems wiring it up so the button worked to get it to change directions without keeping the orig curcuit and just bypassing the rest of it.

    help an electronics noob out. please, i give you a cookie
  2. diskreet

    diskreet What's a Dremel?

    1 Oct 2003
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    Of course. this is going to get complicated though. just read a few times and if you dont get it that way check this thread out, where i learned how to do it.
    Well, here is a summary of that thread. if you dont already know a DPDT relay has 8 prongs, numbered 1-8. A DC motor runs when current passes through it one way or the other(+ on one side and - on the other will spin opposite to - on that side and + on the other). Back to the relay; 7&8 will flip the relay over (for both outputs) when current passes through it. here is how mine was set up.
    This is a wiring diagram of the relay, which is in the 2nd picture in the 1st post in this thread.
     1___     2__
         |       |
     3_ _|   _4  |
       /    |__ _|
    5_/        /
    Ok, normally whatever is passing through 1<->5 and 2<->6 will pass through fine. When current is passed through 7-8 it will flip and connect 3->5 and 4->6. So 5 and 6 will always be outputs.
    Normally ill have + come out of 5 and - come out of 6, which go to the motor. So i have + go to 1. - (ground) goes to 2. Now when it switches over when current passes through 7->8 inputs will switch from 1 and 2 to 3 and 4. So to change the flow i have another - (ground) connected to 3 and + connected to 4.

    So: normally 5 will output + and 6 will output -. When switched, 5 will output - and 6 will output +.
    1- +
    2- -
    3- -
    4- +
    5- motor(either prong)
    6- motor(other prong)
    7- +
    8- -

    Put a switch before 7, to control switching direction, and one before 1 so its not always running.
    I used NO (Normally Open) push button switches, so it only slides the tray open when i hold the button in.
    Hope that helped!

    *phew* i want my cookie now! :D
  3. Dragosoft

    Dragosoft What's a Dremel?

    29 Aug 2003
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    heres your cookie
    /me gives diskreet few cookies

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