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Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Daniel114, 27 Jun 2008.

  1. Daniel114

    Daniel114 What's a Dremel?

    9 Sep 2007
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    I've recently reinstalled windows on my PC, its a Abit P35 dark raider mobo, running a q6660 and using a raid0 setup. Now the driver install has always been a problem, however there has been a way around it, so I'm hoping some of you know what it is.

    I install the raid drivers from floppy and the windows install is seamless. However when it comes to installing the intel chipset drivers I run into problems. As soon as it says installing SM Bus it will hang for about a minuite, then show the BSOD for about half a second before restarting. when it restarts it displays a 'windows has recovered from a serious error message', then should I try to install drivers again I get another BSOD and upon restart a message telling me that (I think) the file pci.sy is corrupt or missing and I should run recovery console on windows install.

    Now like I say I realised it was a bit iffy so I've tried other things to sort it. Everything installs fine when not using Raid, so i'm assuming its part related to this. I've downloaded the latest raid drivers and chipset drivers, I've taken cpu and ram back to default settings, removed all usb, tried installing as updates via device manager... all with the same result, and I'm stuck now.

    Walking to work I was wondering if it could be because I have 4 gig of ram, I could half remmember having to remove 2 sticks when I first installed, but I'm getting tired of constantly reinstalling, and looking around on google throws up about a million possibilities, most of which sound useless. Any help would be awesome.

    * Edit - Also might be worth noting that after BSOD the raid config display on boot takes ages to finish, and last time I tried it complained about one of the drives, I thought it might be a connection problem, however it seems to install windows fine and only appears to be a problem when installing drivers

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