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Small Business Owner subforum?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Lorquis, 5 Jan 2012.

  1. Lorquis

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    8 Sep 2002
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    Hi, it was just a thought after noticing a thread in serious that a number of us on here run or are shortly going to be running businesses.

    What I was wondering is whether there might be a chance we could have a small subforum where we could discuss various things, hopefully with a few of the more knowledgeable contributing some guides about tax, companies house, business plans, book keeping, day to day stuff.

    I do realise there are some forums out there with this as their main focus, but I feel we are already an amazing community of diverse individuals and we know what other on here are like and as such can provide better answers than the more general business forums. Besides which I imagine quite a number of us are going to be in some form of more geeky business, which the mainstream don't always understand as quickly as we would.

    Also it'd be an excellent venue to network with other SMEs and put work to others within the community.

    Additionally it could (but wouldn't have to) be a way of allowing people with legitimate small businesses to be able to say "Hey this is me, this is my company, and this is what we do" without it being some form of unwarranted or unauthorised advertising.

    I am aware that a number of (admittedly larger) businesses have their own forum section at the bottom, and they are for specific use as 'their forum' but it would be nice for us smaller businesses to have somewhere friendly to go to, if only to discuss some of the more mundane issues relating to being self employed.

    Thanks for reading.

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