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Graphics So many choices, not enough intelligence!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NoahFuLing, 18 Mar 2007.

  1. NoahFuLing

    NoahFuLing What's a Dremel?

    18 Jun 2005
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    :p Seriously though. There's a load of graphics cards out there, and frankly I'm rather retarded as of late. I can't really make head or tail of all the reviews on the intarwebzorz, and I figured Bit-tech can help. So.

    I'm getting a Dell Optiplex GX740 Minitower through a discount (very large), and in all honesty, I really don't have the time right now to build a new machine. So I've decided to just get the damn Dell, and live with it for the next 2.5 years until college. Considering I'll have technical support where the techies come, dupe my HD, and give me a 100% new computer, it should work out. :thumb: The problem is that the graphics are crap, both onboard and the options. There's a PCI-E x16 (yay) slot, but the clearance is also crap. I need to choose a graphics card that fits a few basic requirements. Price isn't really a concern, whatever it costs is still less than what I'm saving by buying the Dell (barf), and as I said, the only constraints are:

    -PCI-E x16
    -Reasonable height clearance (past the PCI bracket, it can't be like 52 bajillion inches)
    -Fastest with these constraints

    I was looking at the X1900GT, 7800GTX, or 7950GT, but any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I'm not really in the mood to overclock/flash/mod, due to the power supply only being like 305W, leaving about 100-150W overhead for the graphics card, so no cards that require it. Thanks guys!
  2. zr_ox

    zr_ox Whooolapoook

    5 Jan 2005
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    Given the pictures from Cebit showing the Nvidia 8600 cards, I would pick up one of those.

    they will be cheap and offer good DX9 performance, as well as being DX10 compatible, they should also consume less power.

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