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Multi So, what are you playing now?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Kronos, 29 Apr 2014.

  1. Kronos

    Kronos Multimodder

    6 Nov 2009
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    Seems to be a lack of single player FPS' s at the moment, I am awaiting Wolfenstein myself. So to while away the hours I am playing one or two games that I may not have looked at for a while.

    Far Cry, this is still a great game and still quite tricky in places. Really enjoying it I might add. Just finished Bulletstorm which I for one really had a ball with and Rage, loved it again.
  2. Pete J

    Pete J Employed scum

    28 Sep 2009
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    I'm replaying Crysis with the Expanded mod - HUD disabled and a self-imposed no cloaking policy.

    The most fun I've had in years!
  3. Retro_Gamer

    Retro_Gamer Minimodder

    13 Mar 2014
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    After finishing off my New Game + play through of Dark Souls 2 I was at a bit of a loss

    I've been playing a bit of Undying which is still decidedly creepy, also decided for fire up C&C 3 and play through that again, so far got up to the git of a mission at the start of Act 3, might have to knock this mission down to easy to try and crack it to continue, think I done this first time I played through it, I was given C&C3 Kanes Wrath a little while ago so it makes sense to run through at least the GDI campaign on the main game first.

    Decided to give Red Alert 3 another shot, bit weird with it being you and another Commander each level, they are pretty useless if computer controlled (not that humans can play co op anymore as it uses Gamespy) and I feel it takes it away from the series a bit to much. Still its ok to just pass the time.

    Started playing Deadly Premonition on PC, got it Christmas sale on Steam but only played through opening area, it is a bit strange but I do like the Silent Hill games and have always been a fan of Twin Peaks so it sits well with me.

    I also got a huge retro delivery so I have been playing The Untouchables on Amstrad CPC464 a fair bit, stuck on second level at the minute, absolutely superb 8 Bit Game. Finished it on C64 many years ago and also love that version of it.

    Hammerfist on C64 was in my delivery, awesome game, great tunes, looks really nice.

    Auf Wiedersehen Monty on Amstrad, love this version of the game, looks nicer than the Spectrum & C64 versions and has a good tune that plays throughout.

    Knights of the Sky on Atari ST, love this game, spent so many hours on it back in the day on Amiga, managed to source it for the ST so have been playing it a fair bit, only downside though is that it has a nasty habit of burning the cockpit display into my LCD screen, need to hook the ST up to the Amstrad Monitor via the TV Modulator when playing this one I think. Its also available for DOS if thats your thing.

    Finally been playing Interphase quite a bit on the ST, Cyberpunk type 3D shooter / strategy type game. Bit hard to explain really, was also available on DOS & Amiga. Well worth checking out.
  4. Darkwisdom

    Darkwisdom Level 99 Retro Nerd

    27 Aug 2011
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    After reinstalling all of my mods, I decided to go to the Requiem mod route. Hard as hell, no holds barred difficulty. It's brutal as hell, every NPC can kill you, you bump into someone and they'll kill you too.

    I also use Requiem: Hard Times and Morrowloot; no easy daedric and ebony finds, all you get is iron and steel with the occasional Dwarven kit you find in ruins. There is only a single set of daedric armor and weaponry and ebony armour is hidden away in the richest homes that are heavily fortified. Hard times makes it so that you get little loot from your enemies and money is hard to come by. Also, Deadly dragons; combined with Requiem makes a blast from a Dragon a One Hit Kill; Dragons are finally the legendary creatures they were supposed to be.

    It's difficult for the sake of difficult; harder than dark souls by a long shot.

    I also bought the weekly Humble Bundle; really enjoying Teslagrad; a really nice old school style platformer.

    Also, replaying the Metroid Prime games on Gamecube Emulator; one of the finest FPS games ever made in my opinion.
  5. yodasarmpit

    yodasarmpit Modder

    27 May 2002
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    8 ball pool on the iPad :)

    A bit of Titanfall in the Xbox one, really finding it difficult with the controller though, and still playing the odd game of Day of Defeat Source on the PC.
  6. Cthippo

    Cthippo Can't mod my way out of a paper bag

    7 Aug 2005
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    World of Tanks until the idiots get overwhelming' then solitaire.
  7. oscy

    oscy Modder

    22 Sep 2011
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    Police Quest 1 from GoG.com and Project Sylpheed.

    Well actually I have A Level exams in May/June so I'm not playing anything, but after the final exam I'm gonna play the heck out of games.
  8. Kronos

    Kronos Multimodder

    6 Nov 2009
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    Deadly Premonition Think I might have a look at this one.
  9. GeorgeStorm

    GeorgeStorm Aggressive PC Builder

    16 Dec 2008
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    Back into Don't Starve at the moment thanks to the DLC.
    Looks like I'll be playing TF2 again which will be good after a little break.
  10. erratum1

    erratum1 What's a Dremel?

    30 Apr 2009
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    Mstar.. it's become a bit of an obsession i'm getting better 95% on extreme neo classic S round.

    In the video round 5/7/9 are the S rounds, it's pretty insane.

    I play other games but always come back to this.

    Last edited: 30 Apr 2014
  11. Scott C

    Scott C What's a Dremel?

    25 Mar 2001
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    Really enjoying The Last Federation at the moment :)

    The Last Federation

    Rather addictive and has an awesome soundtrack too!

    Also just started playing Risen...thus far it's much better than what I'd heard.

    Oh, and Rex Nebular too :p
  12. Blademrk

    Blademrk Why so serious?

    21 Nov 2003
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    I have a couple of games I'm playing right now,

    Working my way through Borderlands 2 on the 360 and I just picked up Gears of War Judgement,
    Zelda: Link between worlds on the 3DS
    and I'm still debating picking up the full version of Killer Instinct on the XBOne (I'm quite enjoying the free version at the moment). I also have Titanfall on the XBOne, but I'm struggling to get into it (never been much for playing online without knowing someone else whose playing at the same time)
  13. Gunsmith

    Gunsmith Maximum Win

    23 Sep 2005
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    Wargame Air Land Battle. Brilliant stuff.

  14. suenstar

    suenstar Collector of Things

    13 Sep 2009
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    I'm primarily playing quick and simple games as I'm short on free time at the moment, but having quite a blast on the following games:

    Running with Rifles

    Orbitalis is particularly addictive, and equally frustrating when you get 14+ levels in.

    Along with those I've been doing a couple of one hour bursts of Rollercoaster Tycoon, Space Engineers and X Rebirth.
  15. Concrete-Coffin

    Concrete-Coffin Minimodder

    5 Apr 2010
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  16. Umbra

    Umbra What's a Dremel?

    18 Nov 2013
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    Skyrim, loads of mods and an ENB mod that makes it look stunning but as ENB mods are real fps killers it required the purchase of a GTX 780 to maintain a smooth 60fps but totally worth it, I spend more time looking around than gaming and there are so many great mods to try I will be playing Skyrim for a long time yet.

    As an interlude to Skyrim I'm playing RealMyst Masterpiece Edition which has had a gorgeous makeover, I've been a huge Myst, Cyan fanboy for years so this is as dribblingly good as nostalgia gets for me :clap:

  17. Porkins' Wingman

    Porkins' Wingman Can't touch this

    23 Feb 2008
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    I'm on my first run through of Metroid Prime on my Wii. The combination of Samus and the morphball is very satisfying.

    Also playing:

    FIFA 13 (my staple) - Wii u
    Zombi u - Wii u
    Far Cry 3 - PC
    Assassins Creed 2 - PC
    Zelda: Skyward Sword - Wii

    Despite this list of ongoing projects, I'm actually spending far more time reading about games and looking for bargain prices than I spend playing them. I'm such a loser.

    SMIFFYDUDE Supermodders on my D

    22 Apr 2009
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    Playing Prison Architect atm, it's early access but it does feel like it needs some objectives other than earning grants because once you've built a prison there is nothing else to do.
  19. CrapBag

    CrapBag Multimodder

    17 Jul 2008
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    Returned to Borderlands 2 after my son showed an interest and I gave him a steam code for it.

    I got stuck on a mission, got fed up and dumped it about a year or so ago.

    Started playing again, used a different approach to the mission and pretty much breezed it and I'm now 40 hours further into it.

    I think sometimes stepping away from a difficult game/mission and returning works wonders.

    Maybe I'll try batman AC again, but maybe not :(
  20. hoochy

    hoochy Need moar cooling

    16 May 2012
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    Titanfall! Still can't get enough, just really love the gameplay - not bothered about the lack of competitive etc... as life gets in the way of any of that nowadays - due some DLC soon which will keep things fun.

    Been playing some Path of Exile also after having a urge for a loot fest game - nearly finished act 3 having used a build guide for first play through

    And of course, hearthstone, but now in the iPad rather than PC :)

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