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Solar Technology launches the ultimate traveller’s power pack.

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Guest-16, 2 Apr 2008.

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    Solar Technology launches the ultimate traveller’s power pack.

    No matter where the road takes you, energize your journey with the new Globe Trotter, turning solar power into gadget power for free.

    Gloucestershire, 1st April 2008.

    The new ‘Globe Trotter’ bundle from Solar Technology is the ultimate traveller’s power pack, specifically designed to provide all day power for those facing challenging climate conditions, tough terrain or long periods of time away from a power source. Featuring the FreeLoader 8.0 Portable Solar Charger and the new fully weather resistant Super Charger, the Globe Trotter bundle is a super fast, clean, green means to charge the latest gadgets whilst on the move.

    Designed to cater for power hungry outdoor gadget users such as, travellers, backpackers and extreme outdoor sports enthusiasts, the Globe Trotter bundle uses the latest in cutting edge solar technology to convert solar energy into electricity, making free power readily available for all your favourite portable gadgets. Featuring an ultra efficient, compact, weather proof 1.5watt crystalline solar cell (Super Charger), that connects and provides power to a battery hub (FreeLoader - which can be easily tucked away safe and dry inside a backpack etc), the Super Charger rapidly charges in all weather conditions, charging fully in as little as 4 hours!

    The Globe Trotter bundle has been cleverly designed to be conveniently mobile. Weighing in total, a featherweight 308grams, adding the Globe Trotter bundle to your travel inventory is barely noticeable. The Super Charger, weighing a mere 200grams is housed in a tough and extremely durable travel case made from an advanced abrasion resistant material to protect against and ensure continued use in extreme weather conditions (temp range (-20 to +80 degrees C). Featuring; two innovative buckles and a velcro attachment strap, the Super Charger can be securely attached to virtually anything such as luggage (handbag, brief case, rucksack), you could even strap the Super Charger to the outside of a tent or to Bike Panniers. The Globe Trotter bundle is also supplied with a free carry pouch to protect the FreeLoader battery unit in challenging environments, (in addition to the durable casing the FreeLoader already boasts for hard-core mobility). This free carry case also features a front pocket to accommodate the necessary accessories (cables and adapter tips).

    Don’t leave anything behind. Now you can take all your favourite gadgets on your travels. The Globe Trotter bundle is compatible with a multitude of gadgets, including all iPod / iPhone / iTouch devices, and is supplied with eleven connectors as standard to charge devices such as; mobile phones, digital cameras, PDAs, PSPs, DS Lite’s, Blackberry and mobile GPS units, cancelling the need for a variety of chargers and if travelling abroad, country specific adapters.

    The Globe Trotter bundle is available now for only £49.99 from www.solartechnology.co.uk. You can also buy the Super Charger, Freeloader Carry Pouch and The FreeLoader 8.0 separately. The FreeLoader 8.0 is available in hot pink and aluminium silver for £29.99. The Super Charger (for existing FreeLoader owners) is available for £19.99 in hot pink and green. The Freeloader Carry Pouch is available in green and hot pink for £7.99. Lose your way, not your power!

    Additional Info:

    The Globe Trotter bundle is supplied with 11 adapters to power the following:

    * Dedicated Connector for I-pod, I-pod nano, Iphone
    * LG – KG800 Chocolate / Shine Series
    * Nokia Old 3.5mm jack and compatible phones
    * Nokia New 2mm jack and compatible N series phones
    * Samsung A288 and compatible Series phones
    * Samsung D800 and compatible current Series phones
    * Sony Ericsson K750 and compatible Series phones
    * 4mm Jack compatible with Sony PSP, Tom Tom, some Digital Cameras, PDA’s and Two Way Radios
    * Dedicated Connector for Nintendo DS Lite
    * Mini USB compatible with Blackberry, Smart Phones, Motorola Phones, HTC Phones, Qtek Phones, some Digital Cameras and other devices that charge via a mini USB port.
    * USB female for use with devices that can be charged via USB on your computer. For example MP3 or MP4 players and some Digital Cameras

    Additional adapters and accessories are also available…

    For further information, images or sample requests please contact:

    About Solar Technology International:

    Solar Technology International designs and produces a range of solar products that allows you to use the sun for free energy. The solar panels let you capture the sun's energy and convert it to electrical current to power a range of appliances. Solar Technology’s panels use Crystalline silicon technology, the latest in solar technology to harness power which is more efficient than amorphous or thin film solutions, particularly in lower light conditions found in the UK. To find out more about Solar Technology’s product range, please visit: www.solartechnology.co.uk

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