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Other [Solution] 99% load issue with drivers >10.10e AMD 5XXX series

Discussion in 'Software' started by PhoenixTank, 18 Apr 2011.

  1. PhoenixTank

    PhoenixTank From The Ashes

    5 May 2010
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    I've been following this bug for a little while on the amd forums, and I think I have seen this crop up once or twice here.
    After a period of time (or via other triggers like firefox 4 or flash video) some people, using 5xxx series cards and catalyst 10.12 or newer, experience a 99% load issue on their GPU (visible by checking AMD Overdrive in CCC or MSI Afterburner).

    This results in changes to resolution, loading up games and enabling/disabling monitors being very slow. A pain in the arse to say the least.

    The workaround, until now, has been to simply run Catalyst 10.10e or older.
    New 11.4 preview drivers have leaked over at the guru3d forums which have alleviated the issue for myself and several other people that have tried them.

    If this issue affects you, give them a go. Download either (for win7/vista, x86/x64) from the links at the bottom of this post or from the thread link above.

    I'd recommend uninstalling CCC and using driver sweeper (fully updated) then rebooting to clean the AMD drivers before installing these.

    Desktop Win 7/Vista | Mirror

    I hope this helps somebody here - please let me know if it does! :thumb:

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