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Someone gets jailed - For racial comments made on twitter? What?

Discussion in 'Serious' started by GregTheRotter, 27 Mar 2012.

  1. walle

    walle Minimodder

    5 Jul 2006
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    She has every right to express her views and opinions in public, and as long as she's not physically assaulting anyone, she's in the clear. What I saw in this clip was an angry and frustrated woman, and not necessarily a racist. I have seen English people tell Poles to f...off back to Poland and Poles are, albeit not anglo-saxons, so white. Heck, I have even been in a taxicab driven by a Scottish nationalist, he's views on English people was most interesting. Personally I rather engage people in public, such as this woman, than people online, but that's just me, all too many people these days wish to enforce rules and regulations onto everything. A complete arrest on life itself.

    My two pennies worth.
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  2. Shirty

    Shirty W*nker! Super Moderator

    18 Apr 1982
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    Every time I see that clip I just wonder what would have happened if the kid hadn't been on her knee.
  3. Porkins' Wingman

    Porkins' Wingman Can't touch this

    23 Feb 2008
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    I suspect that woman was under the influence of something. If it was someone talking in a calm, reasoned manner making those comments I would find it more disturbing - she's just ranting and whilst it's not pleasant to have to put up with **** on the way home, it's not hurting anyone. She's clearly a troubled woman and anyone on that tram would recognise that.

    The law can try and curb that kind of behaviour if it wants to but I don't see the point. Ignoring people when they are in such a state would be a far more cost-effective approach than nicking her and taking her through the legal system.
  4. Hardware150

    Hardware150 Minimodder

    8 Jul 2006
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  5. terrorbyt

    terrorbyt MultiModder

    19 Apr 2012
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    Actually under the Race Relations Act racist comments are in fact illegal, as they should be. If people don't like this then move to a country which has more lenient legislation.
  6. Er-El

    Er-El Minimodder

    31 May 2008
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    Authoritarian people like you ought to be thrown in jail.
  7. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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  8. cookie! nom nom

    cookie! nom nom Minimodder

    27 Apr 2012
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    its funny how if you say something racial people go crazzy... but if this was cyber bullying nothing would of happened......

    same at a school as kid said something racial to the people bullying him and yet the school give the kid hell and the bullys a slap on the wrist....

    what a odd world we live in.... we accept bulling but not racist comments

    now i am not saying it right to racist... but why is racist comments not on the same level as bulling?
  9. rainbowbridge

    rainbowbridge Minimodder

    26 Apr 2009
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    N. Carolina - Jail Time For Nutrition Blogger?

    NC Blogger Facing Jail Time
    In one of the most ridiculous stories in weeks, a blogger from North Carolina was threatened with up to 120 days in jail for telling people about how changing his diet helped him control his diabetes and loose weight.

    Football bloger,


    Semi Naked, stocks with old fruit and veg, you tubed onto liveleak.

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  10. Plodder

    Plodder What's a Dremel?

    14 Apr 2012
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    For the most part i believe racism is a tool used by the government to divert the masses attention away from other issues. You know the old devide and conquer strategy.

    In england now any dislike of a group or person for whatever reason, is imediately construed as racist if they are not the same ethnicity as you.

    The mentioning of somebodies colour or nationality in normal conversation or in a heated argument does not in itself mean you are racist. This is generally accepted as evidenced by certain groups using words even in the music industry which would probably land me in jail if i were to use them in a public place.
    Surely then this should mean that the law should need to prove that your intent in using such words was race motivated. Of course this concept seems to fly straight out the window when it suits.

    This is just my general observation on the subject and not related to any specific online post anybody may have made.

    On the subject of locking people up for comments on the internet, maybe in some extreme cases it may be neccersary, but generally i see it as just another extension of big brothers control. Things like this always start small, but it will creep up on you and the end result won't be good for the internet and everybody that uses it.

    The answer, political correctness.

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