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News Sony responds to animal slaughter accusations

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 1 May 2007.

  1. DougEdey

    DougEdey I pwn all your storage

    5 Jul 2005
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    Show me a good article about Sony written anywhere.
  2. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    Firstly I'd like to thank everyone whos been sticking up for me, I've also posted some feedback in the original 'goatgate' article discussion that doesn't need posting again.

    Lets just leave it as: I don't have a vendetta against sony, but my opinions on this event are that it was to extreme and designed to provoke controversy. Which it did. As ever, I'm trying to show both sides of the story. At the time of the original article there was only the daily mail to go by and Sony did not issue a response until later. At that point I did an immediate forum post about it and made sure my first news item the next morning was adressing this.
  3. devdevil85

    devdevil85 New Member

    29 Nov 2006
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    Joe I'm sorry for giving you so much crap lately but it's just that Sony needs to prevail in this console war as much as Microsoft. Competition is key to consumers and without PS3, 360 would be nowhere near as good as it is today. Do you agree? Secondly, I know Sony has dug themselves a hole and they are slowly working their way out of it, but I just don't want to see silly, misrepresented articles stating something is fact when of course it very well may not like this God of War II event. I just hope you give Sony the chance to catch up and then make your decision on whether it's crap or not once more games come out. Just reading GameInformer shows me just how many new games/movies will be coming out along with Playstation Home and also other peripherals such as the Eye Toy II, so again I just hope you can try and keep your personal hate out of your articles and in the forums where they belong. I personally may never own a PS3 being a PC Gamer myself, but I still hope both consoles will have an equal shot at winning/competing for market growth. Sony's got some good things cooking and I can't wait to see what they have in store in the near future.....
  4. Bogomip

    Bogomip ... Yo Momma

    15 Jun 2002
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    God od war will get me free meat and girls to have sex with me ? Im in! :)

    Good for sony, nice to see companies who can risk a little pushing the boundaries every so often :)

    - Topless women = something most people can see every day, and some thing most of the rest of them would LIKE to see eveery day.
    - Dead goat is a little gruesome to be honest but from the sounds of it Gods of War is going to be pretty gorey so you wouldn't expect the tea party to be a tea party with cupcakes and tulips!

    If people are gonna get offended they can very well go home, the newspapers that reported it weren't invited so it isn't there place to get offended or even pass judgement - they clearly weren't invited for a reason. Its like have a christian turn up to the Satan worshipping church of there own accord then have them complain when all you do is worship satan!

    A good article about sony you want? Look back to when they created the oh my god this is awesome Playstation, then the PS2 - sony vegas, lots of audio equipment isn't bad is it? I've seen some of their TVs, they look ok - also didn't they do something recently that send ripped through music piracy world or something, in favour of the pirates to an extent?

    (Of course there is DRM! ;))

    edit: saying this Im not joining the anti-joe gang, sony can be *******s as well as the next company but in the end if a company didn't do some things right they would be flat broke (RIAA are sure to go bankrupt soon... right?!)
    Last edited: 2 May 2007
  5. The_Beast

    The_Beast I like wood ಠ_ಠ

    21 Apr 2007
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    I hate PETA, yes animal should have some rights but not the same as humans.
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