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Sorry if inappropriate place to post this, but I'm curious about Alex's tools.

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by LyHns, 17 Aug 2020.

  1. LyHns

    LyHns What's a Dremel?

    17 Aug 2020
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    Before I start, sorry if I borke any rules, couldn't find the pinned rule p ost, which most forums usually h ave, and just a bit curious and need to explain in detail about what exactly is used, so I could b uy them for myself and make some of my own plates, like for example hans peder sehl on YouTube

    So if it's fine, I'd love to know what CNC bits and other mod he uses (mostly for his Distro Plates, the G1/4 holes, the sculpting), what sanding table with the belt sander (or there's a different name, correct me). Same where he gets his acrylic from, orings, his measuring tools especially (to not make a ny silly mistakes when making stuff, on my part). It's understandable it might be a bit hard since he is based in UK while I am in Western US, but I could still probably order from sites that are similar or have it. I'm also assuming the allen/hex head screws he uses in the distro's are M3's/M4's? Also I would use the CNC and other tools for making aluminum cable combs, that stuff is just nice, for example Clockwerk's Cable combs, others on Mainframecustoms or other PC mod sites, mostly about the cables.

    My dream has always been to make customs or my own, more like watercooling parts, specifically distro's, Res, PC mods especially with how people make their custom logos and then add LED's in them, something on their PC's (mostly a logo or something, illuminated by a colored L ED, or even the way YouTuber's do it (pretty much they have their channel name or name /other designs carved out on either acrylic, metal, and then a hidden colored LED is put behind it) have also seen it in person.

    Another thing I was looking at were the wall mounts for them, same with those plastic sliding drawers that are labelled, I think it's where screws and other bits, pieces, and parts are kept (would be very good since I could finally sort between what actual screws I need) My budget for any CNC would be about 5k - 6k, when I looked up the model of the CNC he said on that formerly mentioned video, It said it's about 3800 euros/lbs, so maybe 5k - 6k USD? I love how his workshop and tools are all neat and organized (unlike my room where I keep my tools) I personally have some power tools, mostly cordless like him, nowhere near his setup though. I am however msotly interested in the bits, I think I actually know msot of the power tools being used (Drill press, Disc sander table, orbital sander (which I have, cordless). etc I

    I hope I explained in very great detail exactly what I was looknig for, and my interests. I want to emphasize I am not trying to steal or take any ideas or vids off of bit-tech whatsoever, tihs is only a matter of wanting to make customs for myself, I am an indvidiual and no business, just want to have some fun with custom carvings and distro's :)

    It's TOTALLY understandable if it's fully confidential and he doesn't want to give out how he wall mounts and organizes his workshop, as well as what extra tools and bits he uses, and it could be private, but if not, I am so interested in knowing so I could buy them for myself and get prepped for my future CNC. I honestly don't see how it would be super private as I am just very curious about the needed tools, his organization, and what d rawers and wall-mounts he used, especially the one for the power tools) The only problem is the room, but we plan to get a big workshop/shed installed for us next to the backyard.
  2. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    A lot of the earlier milling setup videos he did have companion articles here. There might be some extra information in the text articles.
    He's actually INSANELY busy, so that's why he doesn't respond. I think his being tidy has a lot to do with how little room he has. He has to put everything back in it's place, or he wouldn't be able to move. :lol:

    -I wouldn't recommend his exact tool set if you are in the US. I'm recently finding exactly how rough it is to get metric tooling here. The settings you have to play with in some software if you are using both metric/imperial is not fun.
    I'd go for a smaller, domestic cnc. You can save a ton if it's Mach 4 compatible instead of V-carve. A smaller mill will give you more budget for tooling. The tooling, (bits, clamps, fixtures, etc,) can get really expensive.
    Edit: His rig was closer to $10k if I remember correctly. It's a deeeep rabbit hole we are falling into. :D

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