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Windows Sound stuck on 5.1/7.1?

Discussion in 'Software' started by adzc1987, 10 Nov 2017.

  1. adzc1987

    adzc1987 Minimodder

    19 May 2011
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    Hello, I have a Asus STRIX Z270H Gaming MOBO, I have realised that in some games they will output audio in a 5.1/7.1 format, for example Fallout 4, Elite Dangerous and Wolfenstein NWO always seem to think my audio is on a surround mode. It causes things like NPCs talking to me in FO4 being extremely quiet.

    I have a 2.1 speaker setup with regular headphone style plug and also a home surround sound system (this is only active when I plug in the HDMI cable PC - Amp, other wise it is disabled, its a separate playback device in windows).

    Windows playback device settings and realteks software all show the output as stereo, but the only way I have figured out how to fix this was to change realtek to a 7.1 output then disable all the speakers (I cannot disable the centre but it seems to play across both speakers). This works to some extent but is not ideal, for example if I attempt to play Arma3 like this the audio becomes messed up.

    Kinda tearing my hair out on this has anyone ever encountered this? The games mentioned do not give me the option to force stereo either, its as if they look at the audio on my comp and see its 5.1/7.1 and stick to that.

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