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Gaming Space Siege

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Guest-16, 22 Aug 2008.

  1. Sublym3

    Sublym3 New Member

    3 Apr 2008
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    5 is way to generous for such a pathetic game. It's the first game i have bought and actually felt ripped off.
  2. metarinka

    metarinka New Member

    9 Feb 2003
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    I loved ds and Ds2 I played thru ds2 multiple times I'm starring at the box right now! shame about this one not being all that great I wnonder how it compares to ds2.
    I've been playing diablo 2 right now, you can't shoot and move in that game either
  3. crayfish

    crayfish Amazing scenes!

    3 Dec 2002
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    This aint that bad so far (~ 1 hour in.) I must admit to finding the lack of WSAD a bit confusing. However, the shooting aliens have an attack pattern that's easily dodged with a flick of the mouse and the evade button. Once you're in a good firing position you can get into a good dodge/return fire rhythm. If you had completely free movement it would render the levelling up less important IMO.

    That said, it's worth levelling up the melee weapon a bit first coz most early enemies fall within a couple of slashes and the grenades are great for some of the bigger enemies. I'm looking forward to the rest of the game : )
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