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Windows SSH tunnel (with putty v0.6)

Discussion in 'Software' started by LAGMonkey, 27 Dec 2008.

  1. LAGMonkey

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    4 Aug 2004
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    As the name suggests really.
    could anyone give me a hand on setting up my ssh so that i can tunnel HTTP across it using putty v0.6.

    I have no problems using SSH to admin my server but im about to go back to work and i want to bypass the local firewalls etc in that country (i just dont trust them...its that simple).

    if it helps at all im using a custom kernel for debian etch v4r4 with shorewall as my firewall. For the ssh setup its currently running on port 22 (obviously) but i mightt change that to port 80 to make sure that i can get through once im back at work.
    SSH was installed using the usual "apt-get isntall ssh"

    ta in advance

    no need to look at that lot, now my quest is to have my SSH wrapped in HTTP!
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