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Steam Steam Deck

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SuperHans123, 16 Jul 2021.

  1. SuperHans123

    SuperHans123 Minimodder

    27 Dec 2013
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  2. liratheal

    liratheal Sharing is Caring

    20 Nov 2005
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    If I can stream stuff to it from my PC, it does kind of appeal for pottering around the house.

    If it can do save state stuff, then that might also make it an interesting buy to me.

    But it's not a 'must buy' thing for me right now.
  3. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    Same, not a must-buy. Probably wait for second hand to use as in-house streaming if the screen is nice. I can't imagine 8 CU (20% of 6700xt CU at half clock rage, so ~10% performance of 6700xt) is going to age well as solo gaming device.

    Actually, the 64GB devices looks like it's destined to be a mostly streaming device. But I do wonder if I can buy the 64GB version and add my own 1 or 2TB NVMe drive. That'd be a £450 1TB device, better than their £560 0.5TB.

    I have already got a bluetooth game controller + phone holder to do in-house streaming. It was also readily achievable through nVidia Shield handheld. So the bigger screen and better ergonomic would be the features I'm interested in.
  4. fix-the-spade

    fix-the-spade Multimodder

    4 Jul 2011
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    It might turn out to be an emulation beast, which is more interesting to me than playing CS GO on the err... go.

    I wonder how commited/well thought out/supported this will be. Valve OS, Steam Machines and the Steam Controller were all commercial disasters and Valve showed no interest in hauling them out of the pit they threw them in. With this I wouldn't consider it for at least a year to see if it's a product with a future or not.
  5. Gunsmith

    Gunsmith Maximum Win

    23 Sep 2005
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    its basically a open ended mobile pc, emulation machine, mobile media machine, gaming, do what you like with it.
  6. Vault-Tec

    Vault-Tec Green Plastic Watering Can

    30 Aug 2015
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    I want one. Not until they are established and available though. CBA pre ordering, I will wait until they are in stock.
  7. Byron C

    Byron C Over-reacting and over-analysing since 1982

    12 Apr 2002
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    I've reserved my spot. Took me an absolute age because the infrastructure Valve spun up for this launch got absolutely thwacked, but I got there in the end. Going for the top-end 512GB model, because why not. I already wanted an Aya Neo or a GPD Win 3 and the Steam Deck spanks the pair of them in terms of price. Battery life could be dicey though, "between 2 and 8 hours" is a very wide estimate!

    Aside from the microSD card slot, the storage is apparently not upgradeable on any model. I don't know whether that means 'not upgradeable' as in 'if you take it apart you'll void your warranty so don't do that mmm'kay', or 'not upgradeable' as in 'it's soldered down so no chance mate'.

    I'm pretty confident in saying that this will be an emulation beast :grin:.

    As @Gunsmith also mentioned, even if Valve drop this hardware project like they've dropped every other hardware project except VR then at least it won't be locked down to proprietary software.

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