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Hardware Steelseries SRW-S1 Steering Wheel review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by brumgrunt, 25 Apr 2012.

  1. feathers

    feathers Minimodder

    11 Apr 2009
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    LOL. I've not had any experience of their products before. To put things in perspective, I have an old Logitech formula force wheel and pedals I bought USED on ebay 12 years ago. It still works to this day!

    The S1 had no rough handling in the 4 days it was with me. Was never dropped.
  2. PureSilver

    PureSilver E-tailer Tailor

    16 Dec 2008
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    I think it is actually an interesting solution to a problem with traditional wheels (one, it's a pain to clamp and unclamp the wheel from your desk, two, it's a pretty embarrassing thing to have clamped to your desk) but I have always hated accelerometer-based wheels, even the one for the Wii. Good on SteelSeries for trying something new, but I still ain't buying one.
  3. Rhydian

    Rhydian What's a Dremel?

    13 Nov 2010
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    Simple...use a controller

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  4. Snubbs

    Snubbs CustomPC Migration victim....

    27 Mar 2009
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    I'd be tempted to buy one of these purely for the purposes of hacking it into a new wheel for my G27... I doubt itll be up to taking the force-feedback thou - would probably shatter the plastic... Will have to see if anyone mods one though!
  5. Byron C

    Byron C Official Necromancer

    12 Apr 2002
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    The "air wheel" concept isn't really that new or novel - it was done with the Wii a few years ago, and the 360 even has a u-shaped "wheel" with accelerometer control.

    To put it as bluntly as possible: F*** THAT. I want a fixed steering wheel - with a permanent axis around which it rotates - with force feedback and separate pedals. I'd like having all the bells & whistles like the throttle lights, brake bias, fuel mix adjustments, etc, as F1 games are pretty much the only racing games I play. However, I can't see how you can get the same level of steering precision without a fixed axis, and modding this to work with a normal wheel seems like a lot of effort and expense for little gain.

    I picked one of these up a few months back for a really cheap price (although mine has force-feedback) - still a great piece of kit! Admittedly it would be helpful if it had a D-Pad, but there's always a keyboard (or Razer Nostromo) nearby.
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