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Strength of petg tubing

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by BU5H W00K1E, 28 Feb 2018.

  1. BU5H W00K1E

    BU5H W00K1E Member

    18 Nov 2017
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    so trying to run around ideas for my scratch build and I thought it would be neat to suspend the 360mm rads via the hardline tubes that go from the ports(one on top and one on bottom) to pass through ports. So maybe 3-4 inches of tubing each way for a total of 6-8 inches.
    Also was planning on suspending both of my 110mm res the same way.
  2. cobalt6700

    cobalt6700 Active Member

    17 Oct 2005
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    PETG under tension is ok, it prefers compression though. Tubes by design are quite strong, so I think the tube itself would be ok. However - you will need to work out the weight of the rad (in kgs) full off water and with fans. Times the number by 9.81, divide this by two and then by the area (in m) of the size of fitting you are using. This should give you a valve per fitting (in pa - x100,000 = bar) of the pressure exerted by the assembly. Add this to the pressure in your system and if the fitting spec can handle the pressure then that part should be good.

    What I'm not aware of is if PETG suffers from creep so thats something you would need to look up, and the numbers you work out from above will help you with that :)
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