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PSU Suspected PSU dead... Could someone help?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pete*, 16 Jul 2009.

  1. pete*

    pete* Something witty here.

    29 Apr 2009
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    Hey there,

    A few months back I posted (on CPC forum I believe) about my PSU dying.. it was definately
    dead so I sent it off to antec to be replaced - cost me £23 in P+P and no PC for a 2 weeks.

    But anyway, its happened again!? But this time I don't quite understand why.
    The last time, my PC was running and the PSU died on me... This time, the PC was turned off
    the night before, shut down fine it wasn't over heating, running perfectly. Went to turn it on in
    the morning and nothing. Absolutely nothing, no fan, no lights. The mobo tray green LED is on,
    but I know that doesn't really mean much other than one small rail may be working...

    The PSU is an Antec TP Quattro 850. Does anyone have any idea what it could be if it isn't the
    PSU? I just don't understand why it would shut down fine, but then die over night? :s

    But if not, what should I do? I've had this PSU for only about 3 months!! The last one lasted about 8
    months... I'm starting to not trust Antec PSU's!:sigh: I really don't think I want another 850W from
    them... But this is really annoying me because I don't have the money to buy even a cheap
    crap generic one (which I wouldn't anyway) and don't want to lose what I spent on this.

    ARRGH! Anger :wallbash:

    If anyone is able to help it would be much appreciated, Cheers

    The spec I run is

    Antec Twelve Hundred Case
    P5Q Pro
    Intel C2D E8400
    4 GB Dominator 1066
    Radeon HD4870 512mb
    X-fi Ti Fatal1ty
    2 x 1tb F1's
    Cheap DVDDLRW
  2. Slizza

    Slizza beautiful to demons

    23 Apr 2009
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    Obvious sillys first, try the fuse/another plug socket.
  3. AnG3L

    AnG3L Ultimate Modder

    19 Mar 2009
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    You might have grounding issues like I did before! Take all of your components out of the case place the mobo somewhere like a carton or wood and check it. The other thing you can do is to power on the psu by shorting it but with the rest of your components on, like fans,cathodes etc.
    Give it a try and let us know. On the other hand.... PC Power and Cooling for the win!
  4. pete*

    pete* Something witty here.

    29 Apr 2009
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    Yea, i've tried turning it on by shorting the grnd/on connectors on mobo connector, absolutely nothing, no fan nothing.

    This takes the piss rly. Think i'm gonna try findin another PSU power cable, if that doesn't work..

    May have to email antec see what they say about two of their PSU's failing in the space of a
    year. GRRRR!
  5. SNiiPE_DoGG

    SNiiPE_DoGG Engineering The Extreme

    14 Apr 2009
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    get a 3rd one, ebay it/sell on forums, buy a corsair = happy ending :)

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