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Portable tablet vs net book (motorcycle trip)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Tec_, 18 Nov 2010.

  1. Tec_

    Tec_ New Member

    26 Feb 2008
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    well guys im in the planing stages for a motorcycle trip this coming spring and wile on this trip i will be taking lots of video (two video cameras one mounted to the motorcycle [gopro HD] and a flip mino HD) and some pics. i would like to bring something i could offload the video on to and seeing as how HD eats up memory quickly. i am trying to keep my load as light as possible. i know a netbook would take care of any issue but i must admit i am attracted to the idea of a tablet. im wondering is there anything on the market that would be capable of taking a USB in and allowing me to offload video on to it? are there any that are capable of handling the amounts memory i think im going to need?

    i would love any and all opinions.


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