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Modding Tankian Desk

Discussion in 'Modding' started by tankian the man, 25 Mar 2018.

  1. tankian the man

    tankian the man New Member

    25 Mar 2018
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    Hi everyone, I tought alot about doing this build for case mod world series competion, but well why not?
    Another year another try... ahaha

    So since my last mod didnt receive the "shares" I wanted from the brands (HAF in HALF) that supported the build, I wanna move foward to this one and make something unique and possible for everyone, thats something I always try to pass for those who see my content, everyone can do this you just gotta plan everything well enough to avoid major problems.
    Why a desk? Well I dont like big cases and since "setups" are starting to be a trend I wanna remake my own so nothing better than make a new desk with a PC built in.

    So key words are:
    - Confort
    - Performance (air flow/temperatures)
    - Simplicity

    Well still need to edit all the content about it, but for now this is what I have to show


    Best Regards Tankian
  2. CAF PCs

    CAF PCs Custom PCs

    11 Mar 2018
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    So are you submitting in the scratch build category? You plan to use Cooler Master fans as your required Cooler Master product?
  3. hayate89

    hayate89 Member

    19 Nov 2015
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    any up for this project?

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